Guide to HR Services

We have heard from several employees that they were not aware of our Quick Guide to HR Services on the web which can be found here:

Often when employees need to get in touch with our department, the employee is looking for a quick answer to determine the next step in a process. Bookmarking this page is a great way to have a go-to resource when this need arises. For those employees who do not have easy access to a computer or for those of you who would like a printed copy, we have included a .pdf version of this resource here.

In addition, here are a few tips that may help you make the most efficient use of our services:

  1. Calling or emailing us may save you a trip to our office. In some cases we may also need additional information or documents to complete the action you are requesting. Calling or emailing us will allow us to explain any additional steps that might need to be taken to fulfill your request or allow time for researching your request.
  2. Be sure to include details in your message (voice or email) to ensure the most efficient service. (This helps us to make sure you get to the right person as well!)
  3. If you visit our office and know who you want to see, go ahead and walk down the hall to see if that person is available.
  4. We still offer front desk staffing hours from 10 – 12 and 1 – 3, however if you have a more complicated question or request it’s still best to try to get in touch with the correct person ahead of time.