Job Descriptions and PeopleAdmin

As many of you know PeopleAdmin is not only our new applicant tracking system, it is also serving as the repository for our job descriptions.  You can access our new position description library here: This will replace the existing job description listing that we have used in the past and will allow job descriptions to be updated as actions are processed in PeopleAdmin. This means that if a job description is updated, (if that process is approved in PeopleAdmin) the updated job description will automatically display in the position description library without an additional manual step.

This process replaces the paper process that was initiated by filling out the Job Review Request form.

Managers and supervisors can use PeopleAdmin to:

  • Make formatting and/or minor job description wording changes
  • Make larger job description changes and request reclassification of a job description linked to an existing employee

If you find that your job description needs to be updated, please contact your supervisor to discuss this process. Please use the links below to learn more about job description updates:

Supervisors please take note:

When requesting a replacement you can also: update a job description, request a classification, and/or FTE change.  (For more information please see Choosing the Right Action in PeopleAdmin.)

If your department would like to schedule a group training/work session for supervisors to become more familiar with this new feature please contact the Human Resources office at or X5465.