HR Update: April EFAP News

In this month’s EFAP newsletter you will learn about a webinar that provides information on how to prepare your child for middle school, high school and college, social drinking vs. problem drinking, finding summertime opportunities for your child, AND find a recipe for roasted fingerling potatoes and baby artichokes!

To access the April newsletter go to:

Featured Article: Social Drinking vs. Problem Drinking (April is Alcohol Awareness Month)

April Work/Life Webinar:  Prep for College — Middle School and High School

Tips on how to guide your child/student to prepare for college from Middle School through High School presented by Steve Pearson.  Mr. Pearson holds a master’s degree in school guidance counseling (K-12) and an undergraduate degree in psychology. He was a high school counselor for over 20 years and works with parents on parenting teens and pre-teens.

Thursday, April 12, 2012, noon-1 p.m. EST. See the newsletter link above to find out how to register.

This week’s employment snapshot:

There are currently 10 faculty positions, one summer Language School faculty position, 28 external job postings and one internal job posting on the Middlebury College employment opportunities web sites.

Employment Quick Links:

Faculty Employment Opportunities: go/faculty-jobs (on campus), (off campus)

Summer Language School Faculty Opportunities: go/ls-faculty-jobs (on campus), (off campus)

Staff Employment Opportunities:  go/staff-jobs (on campus),  (off campus)