Plan an Event at 51 Main

As part of 51 Main’s ongoing efforts to connect our programming with the College’s larger educational mission, to develop new opportunities for students to showcase their creative work, and to create a diverse social venue that appeals to both the College and town communities, 51 Main encourages you to plan an event here.


  • Course performances or presentations. In the past, classes from the Music, Arabic, and Film & Media Culture departments have performed or exhibited original compositions, poetry, and short films.
  • Department dinners or informal gatherings for faculty, seniors, and/or all majors.
  • Exhibitions or receptions for guest lecturers and performers. Note: If you have the performance/lecture/exhibit at 51 Main, we can assist with funding.
  • Office celebrations for the holidays, staff transitions, or retirement.
  • Book talks or readings by faculty, staff, and community members.

If you’re interested in collaborating on an event, please contact Sarah Franco at or 443-5052. If you’re interested in planning an event centered around food (dinner, reception, etc.), please contact Carl Roesch at or 388-8209.