Economics Senior Thesis Celebration

Please join the Economics Department as we celebrate the accomplishments of our winter/spring senior thesis students. See the list below. There will be a poster session to showcase their work on Monday, May 9, from 3-5 p.m. in McCullough Social Space, and we invite everyone to stop by for a few minutes.  Refreshments will be available.

  • A field test of the revenue equivalence theorem in sealed-bid auctions: Benjamin Benson
  • The effect of internet access on price dispersion: Evidence from the airline industry: Trevor Dodds
  • Can incentives change culture? Evaluating the impact of the conditional cash transfer program in Turkey: Denizhan Duran
  • New Evidence on the Abortion-Crime Link: An analysis of the effects of young women’s access to reproductive control on crime: Nicole Dvorak
  • Trade and conflict: Evidence from panel data: Cullen Edes
  • The impact of food aid for people living with HIV in Uganda: Elizabeth Faust
  • Analysis of residential solar photovoltaic subsidies in California: An investigation of demand elasticity and the perceived value of subsidies: Domas Girtavicius
  • Timing is (Not) Everything: The impact of timing of payment on bidding behavior in the bucket auction: Maria Perille
  • How increased diversity affects the campus climate: Evidence from the Posse program: Ariel Smith
  • Education, wealth, and earthquakes: Laxman Timilsana
  • The impact of microfinance on household well-being in Malawi: Victoria Vogel
  • Education in rural China: Jing Zhuang