Rescind Giuliani’s Honorary Degree

The following letter was sent to senior leadership and the Board of Trustees on January 11th encouraging them to rescind Giuliani’s 2005 honorary degree from Middlebury immediately.

We the undersigned members of the Middlebury AAUP believe it is extremely important to rescind the honorary degree awarded to Rudolph Giuliani in 2005. Both as Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and as a political figure, Giuliani has helped to foment a fascistic movement that has undermined a fair and free election and recently attempted a violent takeover of the Capitol. We stand in solidarity with the members of the Middlebury Campus editorial board who are asking for the same. 

It is imperative that Middlebury College distance itself from all leaders of this attempted coup as well as any entities that have helped to fund it. 


Laurie Essig, Professor, Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies

Peter Hans Matthews, Charles A. Dana Professor of Economics

Marion A. Wells, Henry N. Hudson Professor of English and American Literatures

Christian Keathley, Walter J Cerf Professor of Film & Media Culture

Gloria Estela González Zenteno, Professor of Luso-Hispanic Studies

Linus Owens, Associate Professor of Sociology 

Karin Hanta, Director of the Feminist Resource Center at Chellis House

Mark Spritzer, Associate Professor of Biology

James Chase Sanchez, Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric

Priscilla Bremser, Nathan Beman Professor of Mathematics

Kevin Moss, Jean Thomson Fulton Professor of Modern Languages and Literature

Ellen Oxfeld, Professor of Anthropology 

Antonia Losano, Professor of English and American Literatures

Kerstin Wilsch, Director of School in Jordan

Ellery Foutch, Assistant Professor, American Studies

Maggie Clinton, Associate Professor, History Department 

Jason Mittell, Professor of Film & Media Culture and American Studies

David Miranda Hardy, Assistant Professor of Film & Media Culture

Jacob Tropp, Professor of History and John Spencer Professor of African Studies

Sarah Rogers, Visiting Assistant Professor of History of Art and Architecture

Olga Sanchez Saltveit, Assistant Professor of Theatre

Andrew Fieldhouse, Assistant Professor of Economics

Hemangini Gupta, Visiting Assistant Professor of Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies

Michael Sheridan, Professor of Anthropology and African Studies

Justin Doran, Assistant Professor of Religion

William Poulin-Deltour, French & Francophone Studies

Carolyn Craven, Associate Professor of Economics

Pamela Berenbaum, Professor of the Practice of Global Health

Natalie Figueroa ‘18, Admissions Counselor 

William Pyle, F. C. Dirks Professor of International Economics

Brandon Baird, Associate Professor of Luso-Hispanic Studies & Linguistics

John Spackman, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Otilia Milutin, Assistant Professor of Japanese Studies

Robert Cohen, Professor of English and American Literatures

Shelby Kimmel, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Holly Allen, Assistant Professor of American Studies

Matthew Walker, Assistant Professor of Russian

Tanya Byker, Assistant Professor of Economics

David Dorman, Professor of Mathematics

Louisa Burnham, Professor of History

James L. Fitzsimmons, Professor of Anthropology

Hedya Klein, Fletcher Professor of the Arts, Studio Art

James E. Berg, Associate Professor of English and American Literatures

Erin Eckhold Sassin, Associate Professor of the History of Art and Architecture

Matthew Lawrence, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Julie Hoyenski, Assistant Manager, Event Management

Katie Gillespie, Associate Director for Research Compliance

James Calvin Davis, George Adams Ellis Professor of Liberal Arts & Religion

Julia Berazneva, Assistant Professor of Economics

Eilat Glikman, Frank Winkler Professor of Astrophysics

Erin Eggleston, Assistant Professor of Biology

Carrie Anderson, Assistant Professor of the History of Art and Architecture

Jenn Ortegren, Assistant Professor of Religion

Patricia Zupan, C.A. Dana Professor of Italian

Ananya Das Christman, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Charlotte X. C. Sullivan, Social Entrepreneurship Associate 

Jamie McCallum, Associate Professor of Sociology

Michael  Olinick, Professor of Mathematics

Amy Holbrook, Academic Coordinator, Economics Department

Greg Pask, Assistant Professor of Biology

Amy Tondu, Associate Director School in France

Genie Nicole Giaimo, Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric 

Florence Feiereisen, Associate Professor of German

Tara L. Affolter, Associate Professor of Education Studies, Director of Education Studies 

Roberto Lint Sagarena, Professor of American Studies, Director of AFC/CCSRE

Nicolas Poppe, Associate Professor of Luso-Hispanic Studies

Daniel F. Silva, Associate Professor of Luso-Hispanic Studies, Director of Black Studies, 

Director of Twilight Project

Héctor J. Vila, Associate Professor of Writing & Rhetoric, Director of Privilege & Poverty

Danielle Stillman, Rabbi and Associate Chaplain

David Wick, Associate Professor of International Education Management, Middlebury Institute

Melissa A. Hammerle, Visiting Assistant Professor of Education Studies

Lisa Gates, Associate Dean for Fellowships and Research

Jonathan Isham, Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies

Jim Butler, Professor Of Studio Art

Michelle Leftheris, Assistant Professor of Studio Art

Molly Costanza-Robinson, Anderson Professor of Environmental and Biosphere Studies, Professor of Environmental Chemistry, Chair of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Susan DeSimone, Associate Laboratory Professor of Biology

Cynthia Packert, Christian A.Johnson Professor, History of Art

Rebecca Kneale Gould, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

Linda White, Associate Professor of Japanese Studies

Jeffrey Carpenter, James Jermain Professor of Political Economy

Joyce Mao, Associate Professor of History

Michele Dubé, Laboratory Instructor, Chemistry & Biochemistry Dept.

Tracy Himmel Isham, Associate Director, Center for Careers & Internships

Sam Liebhaber, Associate Professor of Arabic

Lynn Eisler-LeBeau, Facilities

Eliza Garrison, Professor, Department of History of Art & Architecture

Yumna Siddiqi, Associate Professor of English and American Literature

Akhil Rao, Assistant Professor of Economics

Heidi Grasswick, Professor of Philosophy

Daniel Chiu Suarez, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Laurel Jenkins, Assistant Professor and Chair of Dance

Andrea Vaccari, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Guntram Herb, Professor and Chair of Geography

Rebecca Mitchell, Assistant Professor of History

Paula Schwartz, Lois B. WatsonProfessor of French and Francophone Studies

Fernando Rocha, Associate Professor of Luso-Hispanic Studies

Brenda Ellis, Sr. Research & Instruction Librarian

Terry Simpkins, Library, Director of Discovery and Access Services

Catharine Wright, Associate Professor Writing & Rhetoric and GSFS

Kemi Fuentes-George, Associate Professor Political Science