What We Are Doing: AAUP Subcommittees

Right now the Middlebury has a lot of working groups. You can join an existing one or create your own. Below you can find out what each subcommittee is working on and how to get in touch with them.

Communications This subcommittee is dedicated to countering narratives of austerity for all with visions for a more just and equitable financial future. The group has written a formal statement on a Financial Future for All of Us that you can find here. and will continue its work to formalize the interests of employees as employees to make sure we all get a fair shake. The Communications Committee runs our Twitter account and our Facebook group and is busy collecting stories about how the cuts will effect our community.

Representation The AAUP believes the current process of advisory committees made up of faculty elected to other committees for other purposes as well as some appointed faculty is insufficient to truly represent us as employees. We would like to see an actual committee voted on by faculty and staff that plays an actual role in creating a just and equitable workplace at Middlebury.

A People’s Budget A group of economists, statisticians and mathematicians are hard at work creating an alternative to the austerity proposals being offered.

Alliance Building The AAUP is hard at work making connections to all sorts of other groups- from faculty committees to professors and teachers across the state of Vermont.

Alternative Survey This group is trying to get real information about what we as a community value. The push poll sent out by the administration- one that doesn’t give us any real choices other than cutting compensation for employees- is not a good way to figure out what we should cut.