TEDxMiddlebury 2016: Playing the Game

TEDxMiddlebury 2016: Playing the Game

Links to the recorded talks will be uploaded soon! 

The TEDxMiddlebury 2016 Conference was on November 13th, from 10: 00am to 1: 30pm.

The theme for the conference was “Playing the Game”. We all play “the game” in one way or another, and we want to highlight the ways in which each of us learns to navigate the games, and by extension, the systems that surround us. This event is about questioning the different strategies we might use and our varying definitions of what success can be. It is about the personas we take on to “win” different rounds, about being honest in the face of expectations, and about deciding whether or not to play by the rules. It is about experiencing moments of defeat and deciding to keep playing, and knowing when and why we quit.

Our speakers include:
Mattie Brice
M Jackson
Sarah Finnie Robinson
Marco Mezzavilla
Kaamila Abdiaziz Mohamed
Gabbie Santos ’17
Will Kasso

They will be talking about topics ranging from our future with technology to the video gaming industry, climate change, sustainability, and gender and sexuality representation in religion.

It promises to be an exciting event, so take some time out of your busy schedules and come be a part of it! We’re pumped: are you??

Tickets available at Middlebury College Box Office.