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Yale Round Robin results

The panthers traveled to Yale this weekend to compete against several other schools.

The men’s team results are listed below.


Andrew Jung ’16

Middlebury vs Navy: 3-6 L

Middlebury vs Brown: 6-3 W

Middlebury vs George Washington: 6-3 W

The women’s results are listed below.


Annie Wymard ’15

Middlebury vs Franklin & Marshall: 7-2 W

Middlebury vs Yale: 0-9 L

Middlebury vs Brown: 5-4 L

Middlebury vs George Washington: 7-2 L

It was a tough and tiring weekend for the panthers but this week they are still training hard for another weekend of traveling. Both teams will be competing at NESCACs held at Hamilton. Good luck, Midd Squash!

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