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Election Night Live

7:50  Ok, I’ll be blogging continuously at this site from now until the race is called.   If you want to see election returns as they come in, you can try this Globe site and hope it doesn’t crash: Polls … Continue reading

What To Expect When the Polls Close Tonight: An Overview of the Political Landscape

Ok, I’m going to take a short break and see if I can get some snowshoeing in before settling in to watch returns.  Polls close at 8.  We’ll see how soon after that the race is called.  I think it … Continue reading

Turnout, Tea Leaves and Exit Polls: Some Unscientific First Impressions

First, a reminder:  if you are on this site looking for leaked exit polls, don’t bother. There are no exit polls because no one envisioned the race being close enough to justify the expense. All we have to go on … Continue reading

How Do You Get to Capitol Hill? Turnout, Turnout, Turnout!

By now you know my caveat: that the only way that Coakley wins this race is if the polling turnout models are wrong.  So I want to spend some time discussing turnout.  Conventional wisdom has been saying for sometime that … Continue reading

Martha Coakley Will Win Tomorrow – According to Martha Coakley’s Internal Polls

If  this website is to be believed Martha Coakley is going to defy every recent poll I have seen and win the race tomorrow to replace Ted Kennedy.  The blogger tells us that “A Coakley campaign source insists the latest … Continue reading