International Conservation Center – Old Acre

Conservation Internship in Acre – Israel

Study ancient stones and building technologies, alongside leading Israeli conservation specialists and archaeologists. Learn more about renowned historical figures, nations, cultures, and religious movements which have left their mark in Israel.  Saving the Stones is a five month internship in historical and archeological conservation. It is run by the International Conservation Center in Old Acre (ICC), and is a joint project of the Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA), the Old Acre Development Company, the Acre Municipality and the Nero Bloomfield Wizo School of Design and Education. The center is located in Old Acre, a veritable living laboratory for the study and practice of conserving historic sites and structures as well.

Historic Old Acre was named the pearl of the Galilee. In 2001, it was named a World Historic Site by UNESCO. Many visible remains reveal the stories of the Crusader and Ottoman quarters. The colorful oriental bazaars of Acre, the city walls, the fisherman’s wharf and wonderful restaurants are all part of the special attractions of the city.

Practical Work:

  • Surveys and documentation in ongoing conservation projects
  • Study visits with leading conservation specialists
  • Development of Architectural Conservation Drawing, Photography, and Computer Skills


  • Architecture in the Land of Israel
  • Heritage of Acre
  • Archeology of Israel


  • Holiday hospitality in the communities of Acre
  • Modern Israeli History
  • Cultural Events
  • Hebrew Language Courses
  • Meeting Young Israelis

E-mail: conservationcenter <at> – or – shellypel <at>
Phone: +972-4-9956726
Fax: +972-4-9919418
Mailing Address:
Weitzman 1, P.O.B. 1088
Old Acre 24110 Israel

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