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Exhibited 2010: LIS Arts & Crafts (June 9-28)

The 2nd Annual LIS Arts & Crafts Exhibit (“Exhibited 2010″) will be held in the Atrium of the Davis Family Library June 9th-June 28th. The Opening Reception will be held at 4PM Wednesday, June 9th. All are welcome to see and hear the artistic and musical talents of LIS staff.

Exhibited 2010 Poster

Orientation for New LIS Staff

Here’s a rough list of ideas that we developed at a recent meeting to figure out how we can systematically make sure that all of our new LIS staff members are provided with opportunities to learn about LIS and the College.
  1. Revive the new employee handbook–> Carol thinks she might have a copy of this somewhere.
  2. Find a moment for each new staff member to review the recently launched strategic planning website
  3. Invite new staff members to already regularly scheduled staff meetings for the various work areas in order to provide them some insight into what the various work areas do –> we would need a good list of such meetings and when they occur to make this happen
  4. create a somewhat informal mentoring program that gives new LISers a person to turn to for questions   –>we need to identify someone to make this happen
  5. make sure that all new staff member get to meet everyone in their area on their first day of work, and everyone in LIS within the first month of work (see also increased social activities)
  6. have a monthly or bi-monthly lunch/coffee to introduce new people and provide a chance for new people to ask questions/learn
  7. find out more about what happens at the HR orientation to avoid duplication
  8. share the HR checklist for supervisors of new employees and develop our own checklist (based on this) that supplements that checklist
  9. consider developing an internal to LIS facebook-like thingy that would allow everyone in LIS to share information about themselves with new staff members (their job duties, their work histories, their photos, and if willing, their personal interests/hobbies)
  10. increase the number of all-LIS social activities in order to encourage interaction across work groups
  11. encourage work groups to host open houses for their areas to educate others about what they do
  12. use all-LIS staff meetings to repeatedly introduce new folks, and vice versa, think of creative ways to allow new folks to meet the rest of us
  13. provide new hires with a list of 10 people that they really should meet in their first 100 days of employ

Please feel free to make further suggestions using the comments below. It isn’t clear that there will be time or energy or interest to do all of these things.  For now we just want to continue to brainstorm ideas.

Kim Gurney joins LIS

flowers for kimI am delighted to announce that Kim Gurney will be joining LIS as Circulation Services Specialist I on June 7th. Kim brings a wealth of customer service, project management and supervisory experience to the position. She will share responsibility for providing front desk circulation, information and borrowing services in collaboration with other staff in Circulation. After a 2-week training and orientation period, Kim will be working a regular Tuesday through Saturday daytime schedule at the Davis Family Library. Please stop by to say hello!

May all-LIS staff meeting agenda

LIS May Staff Meeting Agenda

We have a staff meeting on Wednesday May 19th from 3-4PM in the Harman Reading Room. Here’s the agenda:
1. Announcements

2. Strategic Planning Website

3. Assessment and Re-accreditation

4. Introduction of New Teams: Space, Security, Training & Education

We’ll have coffee available at 2:45.

– mike

Technology Helpdesk Relocation

Come Monday May 17 the LIS Technology Helpdesk will be relocating from LIB135 to LIB125.  Our actual move of Helpdesk functions will begin Friday May 14 at 3:00pm.  While the Helpdesk functions are being relocated to LIB125 the Helpdesk Student Consultants located at our Walk-In Helpdesk Center in LIB202 will be open for business to receive calls and process problems.  The staff during the relocation will be engaged in the move.  There should be minimal impact to our users during this move and we are confident that we will be back in full operation late Monday morning May 17.  Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this transition time.

James Beauchemin x2019
Technology Help and Support Manager

Welcome Dennis Hadley!

Please join me in welcoming Dennis Hadley to LIS.  Dennis started with us on April 12th and has assumed the position of Senior Technology Specialist at the Technology Support Helpdesk.  Dennis comes to us from Paul Smith’s College in NY and brings a wealth of experience in higher-ed support and service to our helpdesk group and to our users.  He has already taken the plunge into many support efforts and is adding more value to our group everyday!  Please stop by the Technology Helpdesk and say hi to Dennis.


James Beauchemin
Technology Support Helpdesk