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Feb Cam!

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This year MiddMag wanted to get a Feb’s eye view of the storied ski-down celebration at the Middlebury College Snow Bowl. So we recruited intrepid Feb (and awesome skier) Hanna Howell ’12.5 to be our photographer. Take a look at some of the things she saw today.

To read more about the Feb celebration weekend, click here.

What’s Happening at Old Stone Mill?

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It may boast a stoic and traditional exterior, but behind the doors of Old Stone Mill, all kinds of crazy things are happening. Crickets are a nutritional snack, origami makes great jewelry, and ten strangers get together monthly for a dinner party.

Based on the premise that students need space to explore their ideas, the OSM, as it’s known, is a hub of student-driven activity. Interested students can present their non-academic and self-designed project ideas to the all-student board, who then select tenants for each semester.

Middmag went to OSM’s fall showcase and met up with some of the current tenants, including an app developer, a clothes designer, a group opening a beauty salon for women of color, and many other creative and ambitious young folks.

A Special Look at the Dalai Lama’s Return to Middlebury

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When the 14th Dalai Lama visited campus for two days in October
, our digital media producer Brendan Mahoney ’11 was afforded special access to His Holiness. This insightful, touching video is the result.

Capturing Creativity

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Erik Greenberg Anjou ’83 always knew he wanted to be a writer. But it wasn’t until senior year at Middlebury when he took an American film genres course with Prof. Ted Perry that he began to realize his career path would be in filmmaking. The producer and director of several documentaries, he recently talked to MiddMag about the making of his latest endeavor, a full-length documentary entitled The Klezmatics: On Holy Ground. For over three years he and his crew traveled alongside this klezmer band, invading their private lives, filming their band tours, and documenting their conflicts and joys during the creative process. It was a journey of ups and downs with a fascinating group of people who have kept alive a klezmer and Yiddish heritage and who make what he calls “heavenly music.”

Riding the Rails Through Small-Town America

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Throughout the summer, we posted Dispatches from Ryan Kim’s remarkable cross-country rail tour of small towns in the U.S. Now that he’s back at Middlebury, we caught up with Ryan and asked him a few questions about what prompted him to make such an ambitious journey. Here’s what he had to tell us:

Parents: What Did You Learn in School Today?

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Fall Family Weekend is always a great time for families to get a glimpse of what their kids are up to here on campus, and many faculty members often open up their Friday classes as well. In our latest “Tell Us One Thing” video, Middmag caught up with a handful of parents who learned a thing or two while they were here.

Wired for Creativity

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Thursday September 27th marked the opening of this year’s Clifford Symposium, celebrating “Creativity and Collaboration.” With more than 30 events across multiple academic and artistic disciplines, the weekend offered everything from music and dance performances to panels on peacekeeping and entrepreneurship.

The annual occasion, which falls near the start of each academic year, is named for Nicholas R. Clifford, who taught history at the College from 1966 to 1993 and is a champion of critical inquiry. This year’s symposium was hosted by the Kevin P. Mahaney ’84 Center for the Arts in honor of its 20th anniversary.

Middmag caught the kick-off energy of the evening’s keynote speaker, Julie Burstein, and opening wire-walking event with the following video Dispatch:

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