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Nine Killer Halloween-Inspired Careers…Because Its Halloween After All

“When you’re a kid, you’re constantly being asked the question, “If you could be anything in the world, what would you be??” As you become an adult, you get asked less and less (And since it can be a stressful question, that’s usually a good thing!)” Unless, of course, you’re home for Thanksgiving break and your relatives bombard you with the usual line of questioning about how your ‘major’ will equal a career…in what, you think?!  So Roadtrip Nation took to the road and gathered some intel about what gets us excited about Halloween, but more importantly, how your interests in everyday events can actually translate into bigger motivations like a career!

So go ahead and scroll through their list, choose the costume option that sounds most like your approach to Halloween, and they’ll show you some “wickedly great careers” you might want to explore. Whether you’re the type of person who spends weeks thinking up a costume, or the type that actually sews one (as opposed to thrift-store shopping), or puts endless hours into decorating your room or house with spooky stuff, here is a fun exercise to think creatively about the job you didn’t even know existed!

As for me, I am all about the candy, KitKats and Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups–which I have been swiping from my 3 kids’ trick o’ treat stashes for years!!

Education careers that take you out of the classroom

Don’t Want to be in the Classroom? Try One of These Careers in Education Instead

Often during my advising appointments with students here at Middlebury, I speak with students about how much they enjoy the direct experiences they’ve had working with youth during summer camp counseling jobs or through their volunteer mentoring, but have the distinct knowledge that they don’t want to be teaching in a classroom. What advice could I give them? So when I came across this article by on the Careers job search blog, I thought it fitting for students to help explore the many different ways one can go about staying in an education-related job without having to be in front of the classroom. Check out the article and its many links to cool opportunities here.

Don’t Want to be in the Classroom? Try One of These Careers in Education Instead

Seedsheet, Innovative Start-up is Hiring in Boston

New Seedsheet Job in Boston:

Share with your friends in the Boston metro-area that Seedsheet, founded by Middlebury alum Cam MacKugler, is now hiring 2 Full-Time Salespeople to staff their permanent booth at the Boston Public Market. This would be an awesome opportunity for recent alums to dive into entrepreneurship and build up the valuable skill set of non-stop pitching! Here is a job posting.

Founder, CEO of Seedsheet
O: 802.382.8882

Middlebury Entrepreneurs — J-term 2018

The Innovation Hub is now accepting applications for Middlebury Entrepreneurs 2018! Midd Entrepreneurs is a winter term course for students who want to start their own business or non—profit organization. Students will spend the month developing their ideas, building their business models, prototyping, interacting with a wide range of mentors, and preparing for the final event — when they pitch their ideas to a panel of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and local industry leaders. Winners of the pitch competition will get to represent Middlebury in the Launch VT Collegiate competition.**Note that you can apply to the class as a teammate or founding partner! By listing your skills and interests, we will help to assign you to a team that seems best fit.
The application can be found at go/entrepreneurs or using this link and is due October 27th, 2017.

Winter Term Team Peru Internship Due October 30

Team Peru Internship for Credit with Prof. Orion Lewis- Calca Region, Peru

Agriculture extension in Peru is based off a western, top down, teacher-student model that does not consider traditional methods of knowledge transfer. The Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development (AASD) is currently partnering with the community of Sacclio in Peru and a small group of identified community leaders to create a localized agriculture extension program that is specifically designed for small scale farmers. A localized extension program will offer trainings and resources for small scale farmers to organize, maintain traditional and environmentally friendly farming practices, provide agency and voice, and create innovative avenues to access markets. Students will participate in intensive facilitations and conversations to build context and critical perspectives; visit farming communities with differing levels of access; meet with NGOs, government officials, and community leaders; and participate in farming activities, workshops and other hands-on experiences. For more information visit

For this year’s JTerm students will join the AASD as stakeholders in this process. Students can expect to:

  • Participate in intensive facilitations and conversations with the AASD to build context and critical perspectives;
  • Visit farming communities with differing levels of access and connectivity as well as ecological zones;
  • Meet with NGOs, government officials and community leaders;
  • Participate in farming activities, workshops and hands on experience to build context;
  • Immerse themselves in readings, informational videos will be discussed as well as weekly reflections.

Deliverables for this practicum have not yet been decided on, but will most likely fit into the following framework:

  • A situation analysis related to a particular theme (which can be negotiated with the AASD in country)
  • The design of an initiative—probably a tweak to an existing project–that is firmly rooted in the situation analysis
  • A product that would support the initiative (which can be negotiated with AASD in country)”

For more information, visit AASD’s new website:

Dates: January 8-26, 2018
Expenses: Students are responsible for program fees and travel costs.
To apply: Meet with Prof. Orion Lewis ( to discuss independent study options by October 30. If approved, you will be directed to apply to AASD.

If you have any questions about Team Peru, please contact Carolyn Meyer at

Education Teaching & Outdoor Adventure Events @ CCI

October 30 @ 6pm: Educator’s Ally – “Navigating Your Job Search in Independent Schools: Learn how to best position yourself for a successful job search in the competitive independent school market.” Sign up here on Handshake:

October 30 @ 7pm: Apogee Adventures – Lead experiential-education and adventure programs throughout the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean in the summer of 2018. Sign up here on Handshake:


Teaching Alumni Panel on Thursday

The Education Studies Program presents “A Panel of Alumni Teachers: What’s it like to make the move from Middlebury to your own classroom?” Join Middlebury alumni Clifford Alexander ’15, Missan DeSouza ’14, Tim Garcia ’14, Megan LaCasse Mercier ’14, and Emily Owens ’08 as they address your questions on Thursday, October 26 at 7:30pm in Twilight Auditorium.