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LIS Workshops for March-April

Our current workshop offerings are listed below.  Don’t forget that you can always view course descriptions and latest additions by visiting go/lisworkshops.

Want to get signed up?  Click here.

Date Workshop Time Location
Wed, 3/27 Online Learning w/ 11:00 am – Noon Davis Lib 105
Fri, 4/5 Introduction to Drupal 2:30 – 4:00 pm Davis Lib 105
Thu, 4/11 Drupal Work Session 2:30 – 4:00 pm Davis Lib 105
Thu, 4/11 Online Learning w/ 4:15 – 5:00 pm Davis Lib 105
Tue, 4/30 Drupal Work Session 3:00 – 4: 30 pm Davis Lib 105


For Managers & Staff: Setting and Reaching Your Goals with

Staff evaluations are in full swing and it’s time to set our sights for the coming year.  Staff…  Did you set goals that could be more easily reached if you had more technical skills?  Managers…  Do you have staff who want or need to acquire more technical expertise? is here to help!     

This small sampler of topics is just the beginning — currently offers over 1600 course titles from which to choose.  Just click any of these course links, log on with your Middlebury username and password and you’re on your way.  Work through an entire course or view just the movie segments you need — it’s up to you.

Need a hand getting started?  Sign up for a overview session,  visit go/lyndainfo for more details, or send an email inquiry to

Best of luck with your goal-setting!

January-February LIS Workshops & New Courses

Our current workshop schedule is now available.  Visit go/lisworkshops to view offerings for January and February and sign up for topics of interest.  You’ll find a chance to attend a Drupal introduction covering basic web site maintenance skills, as well as a several work sessions where you can get help with specific questions about how to revise and improve your departmental web site.

Do you prefer to learn on your own?  Check out  — a fabulous online learning resource that uses short videos to help you acquire new business and technology skills.   Recently added new courses include “Mac OS X Mountain Lion Essential Training,” “Conflict Resolution Fundamentals” and “Creating Photo Books with iPhoto.”  Watch a single video or work through an entire course, but be warned — it’s addictive.

Does My Computer Need More Than Sophos Anti-Virus?

Since the College’s switch from Symantec to Sophos anti-virus software, other  anti-spyware/malware products should no longer be installed on computers as they can conflict with Sophos and cause performance issues.  In the past, LIS recommended the use of products such as Malwarebytes, Spybot and Ad-Aware; this is no longer the case.  Why this change?  Newer anti-virus/anti-spyware products typically include a feature called “on-access” scanning that watches all changes to files on your computer’s hard drive.  Sophos performs on-access monitoring so the use of additional programs such as Malwarebytes can slow down your computer or cause it to crash due to conflicts between the competing scans.

If you have additional av/malware software installed and need assistance with their removal — or aren’t sure and have questions — please contact the Technology HelpDesk at 802-443-2200.  For security resources, Sophos FAQs, virus alerts and more, visit go/infosec.

More (Drupal) Workshops — You Asked; We Added!

Visit go/lisworkshops to view the updated LIS workshop schedule and sign up for sessions of interest.  You’ll find another chance to learn the basics of how to manage a department web site using Drupal, as well as several “work session” opportunities where you can work on your site with someone on hand to answer your questions. There is still time to sign up for the Oct. 16 Online Learning with session.  Lynda is a fabulous video-based online instruction resource available to all Middlebury faculty, staff and students.  If this is news to you (or if you’re not sure what this means), you should attend one of these “get acquainted” sessions — and convince a friend to come along.

LIS October Workshop Schedule Includes Drupal &

Pinch yourself.  If you feel something it means you survived the start of the academic year!  Since you’ve done so well it’s time to treat yourself and learn some new skills that will make your life easier.  Check out go/lisworkshops to view our hot-off-the-press workshop schedule and get signed up for topics of interest.

We’re excited to offer several opportunities to get acquainted with — a fabulous online learning resource that uses short videos to help you acquire new skills.  You can work through an entire course (something nice to mention at performance evaluation time!) or watch a single movie for just-in-time learning.  With over 1,400 courses, there is something for everyone.  Recent additions include “Effective Public Speaking” and “Mac OS X Mountain Lion New Features.”

You’ll also find Drupal workshops on our schedule covering the basics of maintaining a departmental web site and work sessions where you can get  help with your specific questions.

LIS Workshops — July/August

Although summer is a busy time for many around campus, we are offering a few learning opportunities with the added enticement of air conditioning. Visit go/lisworkshops to view our schedule and get signed up for sessions of interest. You’ll find Drupal introductions and work sessions so you can spruce up your departmental web sites.  You’ll also find a few more chances to find out about and how you can start using it (wherever you are!) to improve your skills.