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Friday Apple Quick Tips

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printer help2

Helping you through your nightmares of printer issues…

…like adding a new printer.


We recently had a case where a student could not get her Mac to recognize her printer.  A student who has deadlines for handing in papers is desperate and frantic the day before the deadline. You will find these helpful hints to be a good source when you are installing a new printer preferably before that deadline is upon you.

Before you get started on adding a  printer – view link below!

Very Important!

Below are some helpful Apple Support Links to checkout.

Apple Support Printers 101

Adding Wireless Printers

Recommended Wi-Fi Printer settings  

First and foremost when shopping for a new printer- make sure it is compatible with Mac OS X.  

After your well thought out purchase -Before doing anything else, read printer manual, then read it again.   Now you are on the road to becoming mentally prepared to install your printer.

Studiously follow the printer instructions by turning printer on and installing ink cartridges, adding paper as well as connecting printer to Mac.  With Lion and Mountain Lion OS X, you may get a Dialog Box letting you know if your Mac wasn’t able to install a driver if recent updates have been made and new software must be downloaded.  It is at this point that you may have discovered one hiccup installing the printer- so face it right now  - The software for installing your new printer is probably out of date!

That said, now you know you may have to go to your Mac’s browser and look for your printer (make and model) Driver which will take the place of the outdated installation CD or downloaded software.  This driver is the printers installation updated software.  First try using the Apple Support link provided below to get that software. If this is not helpful- below the link are the manual installation directions for printer drivers.

Apple page for Printer software

  • ·    You will type in the name of your printer-for instance- Hewlett Packard, Canon, etc. And then the model precisely as it is seen- Deskjet 3050A or PIXMA MG3122 etc., then use the word Driver.  For instance- Search HP Deskjet 3050A Driver or whatever your printer is and look for the manufacturer’s support for printer driver.
  • ·         Once you find the manufacturer website, you may have to select which printer model you have or select driver if offered to select.
  • ·         Then make sure you know which Mac OS X operating system you have, Snow Leopard 10.6, Lion 10.7 or Mountain Lion 10.8. then click download.

After you get that software downloaded onto your Mac which may not automatically open up, select that download to open and choose installation and go through the steps it directs you to.  You may have to refer to the Apple Links above for adding wireless printers.

Check to see if your printer is ready- open System Preference and look in Print & Scan for your new printer. Follow Printer’s manual instruction and print out something for a test. 

You should be good to go.Apple Happy2



Continued Hurley Sale at the College Bookstore!

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Get 25% off all Hurley items!!

Hurley Tees for women

You will find Hats and Sweatshirts along with Cute Tees and Cruiser Shorts for her or Board Shorts and Graphics Tees for him.

Check out all of our Hurley items on the link below

Middlebury College imprinted Hurley items

Relief from those Rainy Day Blues!

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College Bookstore Hurley Sale

Just when it seems like the sun might finally come out for good and stay a while, the rain appears again bringing those “I’m feeling damp around the edges and tired of it” blues!

We have just the relief you need.  Come in and experience that sunshine feeling with our Hurley Sale!  Get 25% Off all Hurley branded items.

Hurley Navy- m

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You will find Graphic Tee’s and Board Shorts for him.

Look for cute Graphic Tee’s and Cruiser Shorts for her as well as unisex hats and sweatshirts.

Hurley Aloe-w

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New 2013 Apple Back to School Promotion

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$100 Gift Card Promo

Apple just announced their brand new 2013 Back to School Promotion.

Get a $100 Gift Card when you purchase a Mac and get a $50 Gift Card when you purchase a new iPad!

Only Faculty, Staff, Students and their parents/guardians can qualify for this promo which encompasses Language School and Bread Loaf Students, Faculty and Staff.

Welcome Language School Faculty & Students

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The Middlebury College Bookstore would like to welcome all of the incoming Language School Students and Faculty!

Chinese No English

We have everything all ready for you.  Look for our famous “No English Spoken Here” or “Life doesn’t come with subtitles” Tees, mugs, water bottles and gift items in an assortment of brilliant colors.  This year we have added to the collection of Language School necessary items including backpacks, lanyards, banners, decals, umbrellas and more.

French classroom

Our staff have worked relentlessly to find all the necessary Language School Books to ensure your success this summer!

Portuguese Festa Junina




You will find all your needs met here in the bookstore for all your classroom and dorm room needs as well laundry, electronic, health and beauty needs as well. Even make-up for those fun extra-curricular activities Language Schools include.

Come on in and see what you are missing.

Feel Your Best!

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Boots No7

Boots Skin care and beauty products are here at the Middlebury College Bookstore!

We have Boots selections of Botanics, Extract, No7 and more to make the ladies and men on campus radiant and looking their best.  With their extensive skin care products as well as their line-up of cosmetics from eye shadow to cheek and lip color, you will love how your skin feels and looks.  At great low prices you can’t beat, Boots adds to the ultimate experience of convenience of your on campus shopping for your health and beauty needs.

$50 Off MacBook Air and Macbook Pro!

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MacBook Pro new

The College Bookstore has great news to share with Faculty, Staff and Students!

The Special Apple Sale has been Extended until June 29th!


Buy a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air from now until June 29th and receive $50 Off our Educational Prices.

New MacBook Air

What a great time to buy  a Mac!