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Importance of Backing Up!

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Don’t be this guy…

Courtesy of Ahajokes

I cannot begin to tell you how many students I see daily who explain exasperatedly that they wish the importance of backing up along with how easy it is to back up using Middfiles was all part of the Orientation and actively reiterated throughout their years here. This is stated by students who lost data over -

  • issues with their hard drive,
  • or water damage to the computer,
  • or dropping it and causing a delay in using their laptop so it can be fixed.

There is a very easy way to back your important work up which could be your-

  • Midd-term papers
  • Final papers
  • Thesis

You can have access to it any time you need it.  The best part is …it’s free!

Use Middfiles to back up and you can put access to it right on your Dock.  The link below is a portal to instructions and the link to your personal back up space.


When you have created this access to Middfiles don’t forget to click the link Create an Alias for Quick Access… this instructs how to put access to Middfiles right on your Dock.

Remember- Back up, Back up, Back up!

College Store Great Prices!

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Apple You cant

Happy Birthday Mac!

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Imagination with iPad Air

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“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

Quote by George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

Imagine the possibilities of books at your fingertips with the iPad Air in your hand?

Book1 on iPad

Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Martin Luther King, Jr.From all of us at the College Bookstore in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday.

“The Hope of a secure and livable world lies with the disciplined nonconformists who are dedicated to justice, peace and brotherhood.”

Martin Luther King Jr., “Strength to Love”

Apple Tip- The Kernel Panic

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by Doubleknot.com

We have been bombarded with movies that indicate the possibility of computers running themselves and the world around them like the movie Terminator and then there was The Matrix and then AI. There are rare times with your Mac when you may think there is a “ghost in the machine”.  Your Mac may just restart itself, or spontaneously shut down or become unresponsive (of course, this only happens when you haven’t yet saved important data).  This reaction may indicate a Kernel Panic which is your Mac’s way of signifying that a problem is occurring or “I give up”, hence the shutdown.  The Kernel Panic is not software related; it is from a hardware and/or an external related problem.  There are many variables with hardware/external related issues that could result in the Kernel Panic from defective RAM, corrupt drivers,  hard disk corruption or possibly even  a loose Airport Card.

Software Update  Apple is always stressing the point that often times, issues with your Mac can be avoided simply by updating your software when prompted to.  These software updates may not help you avoid the Kernel Panic, but some do help improve how your Mac deals with issues because they are designed to help alleviate problems by improving your Mac’s tolerance for external issues. Steps to take long before you know there is a problem, for instance- when you get that annoying prompt “Updates Available”.  

So yet again, I jump on the Soapbox and reiterate the importance of performing SOFTWARE UPDATES when necessary.

If you have a Mac with OX S Mavericks or an older operating system like Mountain Lion, Lion or an earlier version, you can get a general idea of what kind of symptoms to look for at the link provided below.  But be forewarned that Apple would now like Mac owner’s to follow the protocol to have a certified Mac Technician or Genius Bar at an Apple Store look at your Mac to determine exactly why the Kernel Panic is happening.  The Troubleshooting instructions found on the link below to determine the source of the Kernel Panic on your Mac is now NOT Recommended by Apple. Simply use this link to determine if a Kernel Panic did occur.

Apple Support

In summary,

        I.            first and foremost- UPDATE SOFTWARE, which in the long run, may help you avoid issues from happening with your Mac.

      II.            A Kernel Panic happens as a result of your computer signifying a problem is occurring which would likely be from external sources not from a software related issue.  

    III.            Last but not least, this also signifies that you need to bring your Mac in to see a specialist, a Certified Apple Technician.

Our Certified Apple Technician to handle all customer Mac issues is Ark Lemal , who can be reached at 802/318-4657 or in the College Bookstore- Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week.


Emerging J-Term Trends

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ProvenWe wanted to remind everyone the importance of layering when the temperatures dip below 20 degrees. A necessary layer designed  for moisture wicking which helps pull any moisture you build up exercising or just walking, off your skin and away from the body to prevent getting chilled.

This Proven Mock 1/4 Zip at left, by Under Armour does just that. Made to be lightweight, it is the perfect layer.





Add a layer of heavyweight warming material like this Ash Sport Weave Crew to get the ultimate in warmth. This is especially necessary when temperatures reach below 0.



Complete your efforts to stay warm with a mug that is designed to keep your hot beverage warm for up to 4 hours. This Contigo Travel Mug with an auto-seal lid  is spill-proof and is a great tool to keep warm on the inside as well.

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