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Exhibit– A People’s History of Middlebury College: Student Resistance and Social Change

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People's History of Middlebury Exhibit

In conjunction with an ongoing student project and J-term class, Special Collections has mounted an exhibit drawn from the College Archives–  A People’s History of Middlebury College: Student Resistance and Social Change.   From an uprising of students in 1822 asking for the dismissal of a professor, to the student strike in 1970 to protest of the war in Vietnam, through the formation of diverse activist groups like the Black Students for Mutual Understanding, the exhibit draws on primary sources in the College Archives.  These resources have been heavily used by Hanna Mahon ’13.5 and Kristina Johansson ’14 as they’ve worked on the People’s History of Middlebury project over the past year, and used by the students in the J-term class that Hanna and Kristina are teaching.  See the exhibit in the front vestibule, and the Harman Periodicals Reading Area of Davis Family Library.

To listen to an audio recording of the related panel discussion “Middlebury in the 1960s” see this blog post.

People's History of Middlebury Exhibit

Also on display in the Davis Family Library Atrium–  Antique wooden toys produced in local toy factories.


Seeking 1948 film “Sno’ Time for Learning”

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The Middlebury College Archives is searching for a movie about the College filmed in 1948.  It features scenes shot at the Snow Bowl in the winter and the main campus in the spring.  We’ve placed a request with Paramount Picture, which originally produced it, and we’re waiting to hear back from them.  But we also thought it was possible that somebody associated with the College might have a copy somewhere.  If you know where a copy can be found, please let us know.   802-443-3028.

Article in the Nov. 4th issue of The Campus about the release of Sno' Time for Learning

Article in the Nov. 4, 1948 issue of The Campus about the release of Sno’ Time for Learning

Photos of Sicily on display at Davis Family Library

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See-cily, by Antonino RiggioThe Italian Summer School is currently presenting a display of color photos in the Atrium of the Davis Family Library.  The display, entitled SEE-CILY,  will be in place until the end of the Summer Language Schools.

This exhibit depicts the inner life of Sicily, a rugged island, rich in history and art. It is a photographic journey through Sicilian culture and folklore, illustrating ancient and cherished traditions. You will discover the heartfelt festival of Saint Agatha, the centuries old handcrafted marionettes known as “Pupi Siciliani”, the superb craftsmanship of artisans working with wood, iron and textiles, as well as the preparation of delicious homemade foods. Churches, monuments and the unspoiled beauty of central Sicily’s landscapes will also be explored. The SEE-CILY exhibition will transport you to places tourists never see. It is a unique collection of forty-two photographs that serve as the nucleus of an ever-expanding exhibit, bearing witness to the sublime beauty and ancient rhythms of this most Mediterranean of islands.

Photographs by Antonino Riggio.   Art Curator: Valentina Morello

I wouldn’t define SEE-CILY as just an exhibit. I see it more as an itinerary, a path through the places and people I grew up with. It is my inner subconscious through the eye of my camera.”  Antonino Riggio.

For more info:

Caution: Recent weather may cause mold to grow on your books!

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The weather we’ve been having so far this summer could encourage mold to grow in places it normally wouldn’t.  Damp places like basements can be bad year ’round and should never be used to store books, but even the nice book shelf in your living room will be susceptible to mold growth after many days of rain, heat, and high humidity.  Mold spores are everywhere, just waiting for the right conditions to sprout and grow, so be on the lookout.  If you discover an infestation, read this excellent article from our friends at Cornell University Preservation Dept. to learn how to deal with it.


FREE BOOKS!! (Not to borrow, to keep!)

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The recent book sale in Davis Family Library has ended and all the books that are left over are waiting for you to come and take them away, FOR FREE!!!  Stop by Davis Family Library anytime before the Thanksgiving recess and help yourself.

Collection Shift in Davis Library during Spring Break

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During Spring Break next week, starting on Monday 3/26, LIS will be shifting some collections in Davis Family Library in order to make room for an expansion of classroom LIB140 that is planned for June.  We’ve hired the same library moving company that moved the Music Library last year.  We expect the shift to be completed by Friday.

The Government Documents collection in the center of the Main Level will be consolidated to the eastern end of the compact shelving that it currently occupies.  This will open up three ranges of shelves at the western end of that section.  Monographs that are on shelves next to LIB140 on the Lower Level will then be moved to the newly vacated shelves in the center of the Main Level.  The collection will continue to be in the same order overall, but the break between the Main and Lower Levels will be slightly different.  All the print and online building guides will be updated to reflect the change.  See go/davismap for details.

If you need an item that is in the area being shifted by the moving company, simply place a request for the item at the Circulation Desk and it will be retrieved and held for you to pick up.

Library Book Sale

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When and where: Tuesday, November 15, through Sunday, November 20, Davis Family Library, open at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, continuing during regular library open hours thereafter. The Davis Family Library will offer withdrawn and duplicate copies of books, music scores, and other media for sale at great prices.   Choose from a wide variety of items for scholarly work or recreational reading, listening, and viewing. Proceeds from this year’s sale will be donated to the Vermont Public Library Foundation’s Emergency Relief Fund, assisting libraries that were affected by the recent floods. (Because the low price asked for materials is in part a service to the college community, anyone purchasing items on the first day of the sale will be required to show a Middlebury College ID. Book dealers are not welcome to purchase items for resale on Tuesday, November 15). For more information, contact Joseph Watson, ext. 5487, And look for a small preview sale of antique/collectable/like new/especially nice items in the Atrium starting on Wednesday, November 9.