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Don’t Miss These Exciting Internship Opportunities!

The deadlines for some awesome internships for fall and winter term are quickly approaching – head to MOJO today to apply for these great opportunities. Deadline is this Friday, October 12.

Passionate about global health? Research? Apply to be a…

  • Roots of Health Development and Media Intern: Roots of Health (Ugat ng Kalusugan) is a nonprofit organization focused on improving the health of women and girls, and their communities, in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, in the Philippines. You will be based in the United States and will assist Roots of Health with internet-based research, generating an online presence using social media and with the preparation of grant applications. (Winter Term)

Interested in marketing? Sustainability? Apply to be a…

  • NativeEnergy Marketing Intern: Founded in Vermont in 2000, NativeEnergy is an expert provider of carbon offsets, renewable energy credits, and carbon accounting software.  You will assist with public relations activities, including traditional and social media outreach. You will develop and execute social media campaigns, write blogs and other content, conduct market research, help plan and organize events, and assist with other marketing-­‐related activities as needed. (Fall term)

Planning to go into medicine?  Apply to be a…

  • Porter Hospital Intern: You will have the opportunity to see what life might look like if you choose a career in medicine. You will work out a schedule with your assigned physician preceptor  for you to shadow the physician based on the physician’s work schedule and your availability. You’ll also get to go on rotations in other departments, such as surgery, emergency care, radiology and labor and delivery. (Winter Term)

Love social media?  Apply to be a…

  • Kelliher Samets Volk Media Intern: You will learn how to evaluate media vendors, target specific markets and much more. You will work with the PR team and manage client clip books, support and maximize press opportunities. On a daily basis, you’ll help the PR team track and document media coverage. You’ll manage alerts and create weekly/monthly digests. Dive in and draft PR materials and help manage KSV’s online community. (Winter Term)

Winter Term Internships: Deadlines extended to Oct. 21!

The Christian Science Monitor.

Green Chemistry Program.

Democracy for America.

Ah, you ask, what could these three things possibly have  in common?

They are all offering winter term internships for Middlebury students! (The Christian Science Monitor has also probably written about both the Green Chemistry Program and Democracy for America, but that’s beside the point).

So riddle me this: what do the New England Review, Roots for Health and Senator Patrick Leahy have in common?

Check out these awesome winter-term internships and more on MOJO. Apply today!

Paid Summer Internship Program in DC

The Institute for Responsible Citizenship seeks applications from African American male college sophomores for its summer leadership program in Washington, DC. Students receive paid internships within their field of interest and participate in lectures, seminars, and roundtable discussions with influential leaders in the public and private sectors.
The Institute provides housing to its students on a college campus, and encourages students of all majors to apply. Please see details below, and visit our website at  

There’s a Winter Term Internship for that.

Notice the weather getting a bit chillier? Well don’t worry, it’s not time for winter just yet.

But it is time to start thinking about Winter Term internships. You’ve taken some classes, joined the crew team and started writing for Midd Geographic. What’s left on your Middlebury bucket list? Doing an internship, of course! Internships are a great way to explore a career field that interests you and gain some concrete experience and skills for that not-so-distant day when you enter the real world and find a job. Winter Term offers a unique chance to take on an internship for four weeks, either in the Middlebury area or abroad.

Want to take an EMT Course at UVM? There’s a WinterTerm internship for that.

How about working for the Christian Science Monitor in DC? There’s a Winter Term internship for that.

Hoping to learn more about the global water crisis in Ghana? There’s even a Winter Term internship for that.

Ready for your Winter Term internship? Come to the Winter Term Internship Information Session, this Thursday, Sep. 27! There are two sessions, one at 12:15 pm in Bi Hall 148, and the other at 4:30 pm in the Hillcrest Orchard. So you really have no excuse not to be there. You can learn more about the internship opportunities, as well as how to apply for academic credit.

What will your Winter Term internship be?

PAID Communication Internship in DC

British Council. DC. $10/hour. Flexible hours (20/week). What more could you want?

The British Council is looking for a current student or recent college grad to shoot and edit video and pictures, manage social media and update their website, among other tasks. If you have strong writing skills, experience with blogs and other social media and are interested in US/UK relations, then this opportunity is for you!

The deadline is this Friday, September 21, so take a look at the British Council Communications Internship details today.

Even if this particular internship won’t work with your fall schedule, keep in mind that such positions are available at the British Council!

Check out other internship opportunities at go/middmojo.

Looking for inspiration? Flexibility? Free food? Intern at a startup!

So you’ve heard of an internship. You’re thinking of doing one. But where?

How about at a startup? New School University student Danielle Small has some great reasons to pursue an internship at a startup – ten reasons, to be exact. Constant inspiration, flexibility, no bureaucracy, free food… the list goes on. After interning at a startup herself, Danielle “quickly found out that this wasn’t a traditional internship filled with coffee runs, but it was a crash course in what it takes to be an entrepreneur.”

Check out the whole story – 10 Reasons Every College Student Should Intern at a Startup.

Convinced? Ready to find an internship at a startup? Start at Mojo, Midd’s first stop in finding an internship. go/mojo

EIA Fireside Chat

While many students are enjoying the last week or two of summer, the Middlebury Residential Life staffers have returned to campus to begin training and preparing for first-year orientation activities. EIA Civic Engagement hosted all 55 First-Year Counselors and Resident Assistants in Coltrane Lounge on Wednesday for a Fireside Chat about service, community and connecting students with service opportunities on campus and in the broader Middlebury and Addison County community.

FYCs and RAs spent half of their evening in discussions, delving into their connections with home communities, experiences with service and civic engagement, and their thoughts on student involvement in service on campus. The FYCs and RAs discussed the value of engaging with the local community and how service strengthens connections between community members and between students. Students also discussed what constitutes meaningful, effective and sustainable service, and how to get first years and other students involved from the beginning of their time at Middlebury.

Students intently place batter onto cookie sheets. Making cookies is serious work.

For the rest of the evening, ResLife staff made no-bake cookies and processed zucchini and tomatoes for the Middlebury Community Care Coalition (MCCC). The cookies will be served at the MCCC Community Supper on Friday. The zucchini and tomatoes came from Nash Farm, which tends three plots of vegetables for MCCC. Students chatted away while slicing zucchini and dicing tomatoes, which went into freezer bags to be used in soups and sauces this fall and winter. In under an hour students processed two heaping bushel baskets of zucchini and just under two bushels of tomatoes. CRA Nadia Schreiber pointed out to the group that if 55 of them spent an hour making cookies for one dinner and processing four bushels of produce, the time and energy that go into MCCC luncheons and dinners is really extraordinary.

Washing tomatoes is clearly serious work, too.

It was exciting to see the teamwork and resourcefulness students demonstrated in balancing all of the cookie sheets in an over-full refrigerator. One FYC ran back to his room to grab a tomato corer, which sped the process up. Some students washed veggies, while others ferried out clean zucchini and tomatoes to the students with knives and cutting boards.

As we move into September, Nash Farm will continue to be inundated with surplus produce – and they would love for volunteer help in processing those veggies for use this fall and winter at MCC luncheons and dinners. Students interested in spending an hour or two slicing squash, or an afternoon making tomato paste should contact Ashley Calkins ( EIA can coordinate transporting veggies to campus and students can process them in any dorm kitchen!

A number of ResLife staffers had never made no-bake cookies before – and requested the recipe!

No Bake Cookies

Makes ~48 small cookies

  • 4 cups sugar
  • 1/2 cup margarine, softened
  • 1cup milk
  • 1/2 cup cocoa
  • 2 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • 5-6 cups quick oats **up to 6 cups, use less if the batter seems dry**
  1. Mix together sugar, margarine, milk, cocoa, and vanilla.
  2. Heat in microwave 2 minutes. Stir.
  3. Heat in microwave 2 more minutes.
  4. Stir in peanut butter until well blended.
  5. Add oats. Drop by spoonfuls onto cookie sheet covered in wax paper.
  6. Place into the refrigerator. Cookies can be placed into bags once they firm up.