Drafting or revising your resume? The Editorial Style Guide can make things so much easier!

The hardest part about drafting or revising my resume or cover letter always seems to come down to the small details. Do I have an academic advisor or an academic adviser? Am I interested in the nonprofit field or the non-profit field? Did I intern with the US Department of Education or the U.S. Department of Education? (Actually, neither, but I would like to! Call me?) I inevitably end up Googling my query and settling for faceless internet advice from someone on Yahoo! Answers named Bart who claims to have done “research” on the subject.

Boy, I sure do wish I had known that there was an Editorial Style Guide available on the Middlebury website that breaks down all that stuff I’ve Googled! (Wait — googled?) Have a question about capitalization, abbreviation, foreign expressions or split infinitives? Wondering if it’s sacrilegious to hyphenate “Middlebury?” (It’s not — provided it “improves the spacing of the printed document.”) Good to know, right?