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Making federally funded research results freely available

Today (Dec 10 2009) begins the comment period for President Obama’s
Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) Public Forum on How Best to Make Federally Funded Research
Results Available For Free.
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Review of Technology in Education Sites

To help us create a section of the LIS site on Curricular Technology, I thought it would be good to see how other institutions publish comparable information.  What we are currently calling “curricular technology” is described in various ways including “instructional technology“, “educational technology,” “academic technology,” and “technologies for teaching, learning and research.”  What all of these labels have in common is seems to be the use of technology in education.

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Surveys and Focus Groups

Clearly both surveys and focus groups are important tools for gathering information about a particular population.  Usually surveys are used first, to a get general sense of the population.  Surveys are then followed by focus groups that get more in depth information.

However a case can be made for reversing this order and starting with focus groups first, followed by surveys (see: “Use of Focus Groups in Survey Item Development“, The Qualitative Report, Nassar and Borders, March, 2002).  Focus groups can often help to define survey questions or inform how questions are phrased.  This can be particularly important for technology surveys, helping to couch questions in terms that those surveyed can understand.

Meeting Notes 2009-09-01

This meeting focused on brainstorming about the use of curricular technologies at Middlebury in terms of:

  • What we know about how faculty/students are using curricular technologies now
  • What we need to verify about their technology usage
  • What we don’t know about what faculty/students want or need in terms of curricular technologies now and/or in the future

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Reseach: Twitter plugins for WordPress

The Helpdesk received a request for a WordPress Twitter plugin.  If we decide it would be good to have such a plugin, what kind of functionality would useful for the Midd community.  See:




Research: What is exported from a WordPress blog?

What gets saved when you export a WordPress blog?  I know the format of the export file is XML and that all posts, pages, categories and authors are exported.  See:


Not sure if files, sidebar settings, themes or roles can be exported….  There are tools that exist to migrate WordPress blog to other platforms, but not all or perhaps any of them will migrate files…

WordPress to Drupal

There are two main modules for migrating WordPress content to Drupal, see:



WP2Drupal interacts directly with the database, whereas WordPress_Import uses the WXR export file.  It is not clear whether these migration modules also migrate WordPress files.  There is Drupal code out there for migrating files on a remote server to Drupal, see:

It also looks like Drupal is working on a migration framework, see: