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Video tutorial quick start

Joy and I created some short video tutorials on finding music CDs in MIDCAT, and since we posted them here we’ve been asked by various people within LIS to share what tools we used to create them. We were looking for a quick way to create screen capture videos with audio (aka screencasts). Here’s what we used: Continue reading

Interlibrary Loan Requests for Articles

Requesting articles we don’t own has gotten even easier. Instead of searching NExpress first, you now can go straight to ILLiad. ILLiad will check the collections of all libraries, including NExpress, and it will send most requests directly to the owning library with no mediation from us. You should receive your article in a few days.

TIP: To take advantage of this fast, direct connection to other libraries, be sure to include the journal’s ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) in your request.

Need a refresher on how to find articles? See Find Articles (shortcut: http://go.middlebury.edu/findarticles).

Foreign Language Input and Support

How do you type á, é, í, ó, ú?  See the Tech HelpDesk guide called Foreign Language Input and Support for keyboard shortcuts and configuration instructions for Microsoft Word and Windows XP.

[Shortcut to Foreign Language Input and Support:  http://go.middlebury.edu/keyboard (on campus, use go/keyboard).  Thanks to Aza at the Armstrong Library for suggesting and creating this shortcut!]

More GO Info

Since we moved GO to its new home last week I’ve been busy fixing a number of bugs that have come up, as well as made a few improvements that I hope will be helpful.

Today’s big improvement is that the GOtionary now provides info pages for every shortcut.

The info page will tell you who created and who administers the shortcut so that you know who to contact to when a link is broken. As well, the info page will now serve as the landing page when trying to access a broken GO shortcut, rather than being presented with a blank screen.

Head to the GOtionary to check it out.

Featured Library Resource: CQ Researcher Offshore Drilling Report

Interested in weekly reports that analyze current issues?  Check out the latest CQ Researcher Report:

Offshore Drilling: Is tougher federal oversight needed?”

Each CQ Researcher report provides an introduction to an issue along with overview; background; current situation; outlook; pro/con; chronology, and more. Other recent reports include Water Shortages; Health Care Reform; Jobs Outlook; and U.S. – China Relations.  To see other reports use the go shortcut http://go/cq and choose CQ Researcher.  Add as RSS feed for the reports or sign up for weekly email alerts from the left menu bar. Additional library resources can be found listed by subject on the library Subject Guides found on the library homepage or using the go shortcut http://go/subjectguides.

Another way to find language related music CDs

Here’s another short video that uses a link on a subject guide in order to search for music CDs in a foreign language.

Already have a performer or band in mind? You can also search in Midcat using the name of the performer or band. (Check out this other video on using MIDCAT to find music CDs in foreign languages.)

If we don’t own it, try NExpress or ask us to order it. We welcome your suggestions.

Faculty Authors – Retaining Your Author Rights

Faculty, before you sign that next publishing contract, read the information about retaining your author rights by adding an addendum to your publisher’s contract.  Links to this information may be found at the bottom of the LIS for Faculty page (shortcut  http://go/lis4faculty).   Or you can use these direct links:

Thanks to Jeff Rehbach for creating these pages.