RESOLVED – Middlebury Email Send/Receive Errors

We are pleased to report that email service is restored.  An Office 365 licensing issue impacted roughly one-fifth of the community for approximately 2-3 hours.  During this time email could not be sent from or received by these accounts.  Anyone who sent email to an impacted account received an “undeliverable” error.

The licensing issue has been fixed and email is now flowing properly.  Any messages for which you received “undeliverable” responses will need to be re-sent.

If your computer is still not sending or receiving email please do the following:

Outlook on Mac: Click the button labeled Send & Receive in the top right corner of the toolbar. When prompted, click Go Online.

For Outlook on a PC: please restart your computer.

Thank you for your patience while we worked to resolve matters.  Again, we apologize for the disruption.  Please contact the Helpdesk if you have any outstanding issues or questions.

ITS Help Desk

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