Weekly Web Updates – May 9, 2016

The Office of Communications & Marketing has reorganized the Student Life portion of the site, ensuring that information for students is front-and-center. The URL of the site has changed from /studentlife to /student-life, which is slightly better for search engine optimization. We have put in place redirects for most of the old paths, changed the links in the global site header on many services, and are working with that office to review our logs for broken links and 404s.

We also worked with that office to implement a redesign of the Middlebury Language Schools homepage, header, and footer.


Fixes and Tweaks

  • Our WordPress sites now use the GD library to process images, rather than the ImageMagick library. This was already the case on other services we run. We do not anticipate any issues, but please report any trouble manipulating images in WordPress through the Heldpesk.
  • The amount of funding received for a MiddSTART project is now cached locally if the funding deadline has passed, rather than being read out of Banner for each page load, in an attempt to improve site performance.
  • Upgraded the ol2 library for Omeka to resolve an issue with Google Maps.
  • Support for the course list content types on the sites forms.middlebury.edu, forms.miis.edu, davisuwcscholars.org, davisprojectsforpeace.org, and davisfellowsforpeace.org was removed. This feature was not being used on those sites.

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