Mobile/Tablet access to The Chronicle of Higher Ed

As of today, any authorized Middlebury College user who has, or creates, a free account with the Chronicle of Higher Education using your email address, has 3 NEW WAYS to access The Chronicle:

1) From your iPad — Download The Chronicle’s iPad editions at no cost to the individual.  You can download either or both sections of The Chronicle. The Chronicle’s free iPad app can be found here:

2) From your smart phone or tablet using the device’s Web browser.  The new mobile interface makes The Chronicle easy to read when one is on the go.

3) From any computer, from any location in the world — direct access to from any remote location without having to go through a proxy server.  This should be very appealing to those who read Academe Today or any of other Chronicle e-newsletters from locations off campus.

To take advantage of this mobile access, all that is required is for authorized users to have a free Chronicle account using their email address.  A Chronicle account can be created by going to and clicking on the “create” link at top, right hand side of the Web page. If you are one of the 200 Middlebury users who already have a account, you don’t need to do anything.  If you have forgotten your password, you can go here for online help:

If you have problems or comments, please email us at

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