Newspapers, post-Irene

We will likely not be getting the following newspapers at the Davis Family Library, nor anywhere in the Middlebury area (for sale), until further notice:

  • Rutland herald
  • Burlington free press
  • Boston globe
  • New York times
  • USA today

Details …
The Rutland Herald proclaimed on their website that they published their Monday issue at 4 pm Monday.  Given the extent of Irene’s impact in Rutland, this is remarkable.  We receive our copies of the Herald through the mail, and those copies come out of their mailing center in Barre, VT.  Only about two weeks ago did we begin receiving copies after their Barre offices recovered from the Spring floods in May.  We haven’t yet received official word, but I anticipate that their Barre facility is again flooded and it will again be many weeks before we can expect to receive copies of the Herald.

We get the other four papers – the NY Times, BFP, the Globe, and USA Today – from Pittsfield News Service, as do most other purveyors of newspapers in the Middlebury area (e.g., Middlebury Market).  In normal times, those papers arrive at Pittsfield, MA, in the wee hours of the morning, get trucked up to their office in Rutland, and a driver based in Rutland delivers them to us and others in the Middlebury area.  Below is a photo of Route 7 just South of Rutland.  I think it’s safe to say that those deliveries will not be happening for a while.

I have placed notes on the spots for these affected papers in the Harman Periodical Reading Room.

Route 7 a few miles South of Rutland, VT - 29 August 2011

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  1. Arabella Holzapfel Post author

    News Flash – today’s copies of the newspapers we receive from Pittsfield News Service arrived!


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