SHH! Don’t tell… LIS Training Opportunities are Alive and Well

Chances are good that you don’t know how LIS can help you learn about information technology.  Why is that?  Because we haven’t told you lately!  Just to whet your appetite, here are few bite-size morsels to consider:

  • You can sign up for free workshops here on campus.  Here’s our current schedule (go/lisworkshops).
  • You can request an online learning account with Element K and study at your own pace.  Choose from over a thousand courses covering programs such as Excel, InDesign and Acrobat Pro as well as topics such as security awareness.  Review specific topics of interest or take an entire course.  Not sure where your knowledge gaps are?  Take a course assessment to help you find out.
  • You can ask LIS to pick up the tab for day-long, instructor-led courses offered by KnowledgeWave in South Burlington.  It’s quite likely we’ll do it!  Staff members taking advantage of this opportunity recently are enrolled in classes on advanced Excel, Access and new features of Office 2007/2010.
  • You can round up a group of friends/colleagues and ask LIS for a training session at a time that works for you.  Resources permitting we are happy to arrange workshops for groups of ten or more.

Please contact the Technology Help and Support Desk (email or call 443-2200) to obtain more information about any of the above offerings.

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