Vision Statement Ideas: Jess

What we want to accomplish: We are creating a presence for LIS within the College website. When we are finished users will easily navigate and use our web resources, and engage with library staff. When we are finished LIS staff will use the website to manage content and communicate with colleagues and users.

Why: The College website redesign; LIS requires a stronger presence on the web, one that is easily navigable and intuitive to use.

What’s in it for me: A website that allows users and staff to interact and connect with our resources and services.

2 thoughts on “Vision Statement Ideas: Jess

  1. Barbara

    Just a niggle – engage with LIS staff! Interaction with helpdesk and others would also be expected.

  2. Jessica Isler

    In saying “library” I certainly didn’t intend to exclude anyone. I just meant everyone who works in the library and through their work, engages with patrons, which would of course include the Helpdesk, et al. But you’re right, that doesn’t include people who work within LIS but outside of the library, i.e., Voter folks, so LIS probably would be the more appropriate term.


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