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Bunsen Burner

Tips: Turn on the gas just before lighting your match; Turn off the gas to extinguish the flame; Ensure tubing is not going to catch on fire, ideally, tape it down.


There are two types of filtration used in CHEM 103. Follow the links to learn more about filtration techniques: Gravity filtration Vacuum filtration


Spectrophotometers contain a white light source, a diffraction grating, and a slit to select a specific wavelength. The selected wavelength of light passes through a sample, and any light that is absorbed is quantified as the absorbance. The absorbance range is 0 (no light absorbed) to 1 or more (lots of light absorbed). According to […]

Quantitative Analysis of Kool-Aid

Learning Goals Practice using volumetric flasks and graduated cylinders; Prepare solutions from solids and calculate the concentration; Prepare solutions from stock solutions and calculate the concentration; Practice using a spectrophotometer and identify limitations to this instrument; Discover Beer’s Law. Introduction In everyday life, you have probably noticed that color is often indicative of chemistry. For […]

The Chemistry of Ice Cream

Introduction to chemistry lab

Welcome to the chemistry laboratory! Before we get started, we need to cover a few topics: Safety Please read through the safety instructions. You are responsible for knowing this general information and working safely in the laboratory. You will receive more specific instructions before the start of lab each week. Equipment You will be assigned […]