Midd/MIIS Travelers

The following employees have reported upcoming travel between Midd and MIIS:

From Midd to MIIS From MIIS to Midd
Middlebury Dancers

Mar 5-11

Beryl Levinger, GSIPM_DPP

Apr 14-17

Colleen Fitzpatrick, Vice President for Advancement

Mar 22-24

Amy McGill, Associate Provost for Integration Strategies

Week of Apr 23

Orion Lewis, Political Science

Mar 25- Apr 1

Amy Collier, Digital Learning

Mar 25-Apr 1

Dana Yeaton, Theatre

Mar 25- Apr 1

Midd Faculty Visitors (Group 2)

Mar 26-28

Kathy Foley, International Student and Scholar Services

Apr 2-6

Hannah Ross, Office of the General Counsel

Apr 2-6

Sarah Stroup, Political Science

Apr 2-3

Pam Berenbaum, Global Health Program

Apr 8-11

Pieter Broucke, History of Art & Architecture

Apr 9-14

LeRoy Graham, Office of the Provost

Apr 16-18

Adela Langrock, Planning and Assessment

Apr 16-18

Jeff Cason, Interim EVP & Provost

Apr 16-19

Eva Fillion, Environmental Affairs

Apr 17-20

Damascus Kafumbe, Music

May 2-6