Time for a Flu Shot?

Under Middlebury’s medical plan administered by Cigna, members are able to get the seasonal flu shot, as well as other vaccines, at participating local retail pharmacies.  Pharmacies on this list participate in the vaccine program.  Please review the list, as not all pharmacies participate.  For instance, in Middlebury, Rite Aid and Hannaford participate, whereas Kinney’s and Marble Works do not.

When you obtain your flu shot at a participating pharmacy or at your provider’s office, the shot is covered at 100%.  When a participating pharmacy submits the claim, they will submit it under the medical benefit and they often need additional information, like the Bank Identification Number (BIN) and/or Process Control Number (PCN). This list of participating pharmacies includes the BIN and PCN numbers they need to submit your claim. Bring this list with you the next time you go to a participating pharmacy to get a flu shot or vaccine and your pharmacist can use this information if he or she has a problem submitting your claim.  As always, Cigna customer service is available 24/7 to assist, 800-244-6224.