Updates on the Pilot Project for a Dog-Friendly Campus

dogSince the pilot project began on September 12, more than thirty faculty and staff members have been approved to bring dogs to their private offices on campus. Although we have had several requests to register dogs in shared offices, we cannot accommodate these requests until we have a clearer sense of how the pilot project is working.  Over the next couple weeks, we will be gathering information from Facilities staff and other colleagues about how the increased presence of dogs is affecting their work and the physical plant. I would also welcome feedback from anyone in the community about this project. You may write me at vpad@middlebury.edu.

So that dog owners have the resources to clean up after their pets, Facilities has installed three plastic bag dispensers near campus parking lots. One is in Lot C between FIC and Coffrin, another is in Lot E near Wright Theater, and the third is Lot H (Old Chapel Road) between Axinn and McCullough. When you dispose of your plastic bags, please remember to put them in trash receptacles that are located outdoors (and not in trash containers inside campus buildings).

Finally, I am pleased to announce that on Tuesday, November 29 at 4:30 PM, in Axinn 219 we will be hosting Deb Helfrich, from Gold Star Dog Training LLC, based in Stowe and Fairfax.  Deb will give a talk entitled “Woof! Dog Communication in the Human World.” This presentation is designed to help people apply a basic awareness of dog behavior to keep themselves and their dogs safe in a variety of situations, including the workplace.

Tim Spears

Vice President for Academic Development