New Faculty

Please join us in welcoming our new faculty members to campus!1st Row (left to right)
Damascus Kafumbe, Music; Shushanik Hakobyan, Economics; Banafsheh Madaninejad, Religion; Megan Byrne, Theatre; Marcos López, Sociology/Anthropology; Aline Germain-Rutherford, Associate Vice President for Language Schools and Professor of Linguistics

2nd Row (l to r)
Craig Freedman, Economics; Zachary Christman, Geography; Andrea Robbett, Economics; Daniel Houghton, Film and Media Culture; Alexis Peri, History; Julien Weber, French; Reese Kelly, Women’s and Gender Studies

3rd Row (l to r)
Jamie McCallum, Sociology/Anthropology; Alexsey Berg, Russian; Sanford Mirling, Studio Art; Marcos Rohena-Madrazo, Spanish and Portuguese; Mairead Harris, Chinese

4th Row (l to r)
Valéria Souza, Spanish and Portuguese; Kemi Fuente-George, Political Science; Erick Gong, Economics; Max Ward, History; Doug Kiel, History; David Kauchak, Computer Science

Not present
Catherine Ashcraft, Environmental Studies; Yanyan Chen, Chinese; Wayne Edwards, Economics; Orna Goldman, International Studies; Benjamin Meader, Geography

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  1. Thanks to some keen eyes on campus we realized that we originally forgot to list someone who does appear in this picture. Third from the left in the front row is Banafsheh Madaninejad, Religion, whose name has now been added to the caption. Our apologies to Banafsheh! This calls for an even warmer welcome to campus!

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