It can be difficult to understand the grieving process, as we all process our sadness in different ways.  We have found some of the resources at useful as we work on processing the loss of 2 members of our community this past month.  We hope you might find some of these tools helpful, and we want to remind everyone in the Middlebury Community that counseling and support is available.

For the rest of the spring term, on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. and Mondays at noon Mead Chapel will be open for anyone who would like a place to pause and reflect.

We encourage all members of the Middlebury Community to feel free to write condolences to the family of Kelly Boe, our colleague who was tragically killed while riding his bike, and to the family of Nathan Alexander, the student who tragically passed away earlier this month.  We also encourage you to think and talk openly about your concerns, hopes, prayers, and thoughts during this difficult time of grief.