Introducing MiddCreate

Presenters: Amy Collier, Associate Dean, and Sonja Burrows, Office of Digital Learning

January 12, 1:30 – 3:00, Wilson Media Lab

MiddCreate is Middlebury’s “Domain of One’s Own” initiative, providing “digital gardens” for members of the Middlebury community. MiddCreate provides web space and a host of open source digital tools (e.g., WordPress, Omeka, Scalar, Known, DocuWiki, and more than 100 additional applications) that individuals can use to “grow” their learning, digital identity, professional development, and scholarly output. It encourages individuals to take control of the online tools they use to develop their digital identities, connections, and intellectual property. This workshop will introduce faculty to MiddCreate, offer examples of how students, faculty, and staff are using MiddCreate, and provide a launching point for anyone who wants to start their own digital garden.


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