Herod’s Temple

We are pleased to announce the completion of the first of our virtual worlds projects. In order to use the new Herod’s Temple virtual world please go to the Files section of the blog and follow the instructions under Herod’s Temple. “EDIT” The zip file for Herod’s Temple has now been fixed.


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    Hello, my name is Sam. I work for a Christian ministry in Pennsylvania called Search for Me Ministries. We develop Christian video lesson series and we’re looking for a model of Herod’s Temple for one of our videos. I was wondering what your policy would be in using the model you’ve developed. Feel free to respond in an email and let me now what you think: SamHakes@gmail.com and maybe we can talk some more.

    Thank You,

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    surprise of the comeback record in ’07. I appreciated Neko returning sex viet to admit to myself that I’ve reached my limit on the New Porn/Neko/Destroyer axis.


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