AMKA Conference 2019

The Untold Stories of Africa: The Africa You Don’t Know

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April 6, 2019. Hosted at Middlebury College by Umoja African Students Organization

AMKA (Swahili for “wake up”) is a conference that brings together African students and others interested in Africa from across New England to explore, analyze, and celebrate African culture and Africa’s role in the 21st century. Hosted by Umoja, Middlebury College’s African student organization, our conference includes guest speakers, student-led workshops, and social events in the form of a group dinner and fashion show.

This year, we are so excited to host our 7th AMKA Conference on April 6th here at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont. Our theme this year is “The Untold Stories of Africa: The Africa You Don’t Know”, expressed below:

Stories about the African continent and its people are often misrepresented, with stereotypes such as hunger, war, and disease filling mainstream media. However, Mama Africa’s beauty, innovation, and warmth often go unspoken of in the world today. Through this theme, we will tell a broader story of the African continent and how Africans are working to maximize the potential the continent has. Speakers will discuss their contributions in rewriting a narrative about Africa by Africans, with the emphasis that it is up to Africans to celebrate their heritage, lead their own developments and share their own stories. Ideally, this theme will inspire participants to think and act upon the different ways they may be able to contribute towards improvements in their home countries.

Students will leave our conference with new friendships and great memories, and inspiration and connections from their experiences gathering with students and professionals who share a common interest in the welfare of the African continent and who are committed to nourishing its important role in the world stage.

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