A History of Tobacco Regulation

  • 1965: Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act –> Surgeon General’s Warnings on all cigarette packs
  • 1970: Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act –> banned radio and television cigarette ads in the United States
  • 1988: Prohibition of smoking on domestic commercial airline flights that are 2 hours or less
  • 1990: Smoking on all domestic flights is banned
  • 1990: Smoking is banned on interstate buses

For several decades, cigarette advertising and consumption was entirely unregulated in the United States as the government and medical authorities lacked sufficient evidence that confirmed the link between smoking and disease. Over the past 50 years, we have identified the side effects of cigarette use, and have responded through the implementation of federal regulation that has significantly reduced smoking nationwide. From eliminating smoking on public transportation vehicles to banning tobacco ads on television and radio, America has made great strides towards eliminating a product that causes immeasurable levels of harm to its population.



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