Sep 27

The SGA Environmental Affairs Committee is a group of students that are committed to addressing various issues related to the environment on campus. The Committee oversees all SGA activity pertaining to environmental initiatives, and develops and refines environment-related projects for the SGA Senate. Members can expect to spend about 1-4 hours a week on duties such as strategizing, meeting with faculty, staff, and students, creating interesting ways to communicate information, and brainstorming innovative solutions to environmental problems. In addition to its own work, the Committee will collaborate with the Environmental Council.


The Environmental Affairs Committee is currently working on:

Native Landscaping

  • Hoping to find an affordable way of getting the College to begin incorporating native plants into the college landscape –which would be more affordable in the long run

Sustainable Booklet

  • Reformatting the comic book given to first years about how to be environmentally conscious on campus
  • Will include more ideas besides telling students to recycle, use less water, etc.

Carbon Neutrality forum

  • Providing a space for students and faculty to learn more about the carbon neutrality goal, its shortcomings, and what this means moving forward

Eat Real

  • Reduce meat products in the dining halls by 30% over 3 years and increase awareness of impact of meat, and more!

Laundry Detergent

  • Create educational stations in the major laundry spaces on campus that provide free environmentally- friendly (and allergy friendly) laundry detergent

Burgin Lodge Retreat

  • In collaboration with MILC in order to get students who feel excluded in the outdoors to be the ones attending
  • Used as a space for healing
  • Atwater dinner for MMC centennial can set tone of inclusivity (and acknowledgement of the lack thereof) before the retreat happens


Please send questions, comments, or suggestions to Michael Shrader ( and Jennifer Ortega (



Committee Members

  • Caroline Wolfe ‘19
  • Morgan Perlman ‘19
  • Elisa Gan ‘20
  • Haley Roe ‘19
  • Evie Keating ’18
  • Catherine Pollack ’19
  • Brandon Oliver Smith ’20