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There’s something new on the horizon for indie-folk fans.  Thijs Kuijken, a Dutch singer/songwriter who goes by the moniker “I am Oak,” is completing his first full length album which will be available May 14th on the Netherlands based Snowstar Records . After two self-released albums (one recently re-released on the Rainboot label), Kuijken is set to bring the same melancholic propensity of his earl recordings to his upcoming LP “On Claws.”

From a sole, tender voice accompanied by minimalist guitar, banjo, bass, and organ, to soft vocal layerings with simple percussive back-beats, “I am Oak” brings it all together in songs that range from eerie and melancholic, to comforting and content.

Check it out:

“On Trees and Birds and Fire”  off of the upcoming “On Claws”

Previously released “Gold and Porcelain”

to catch more of the burgeoning artist’s work, aim that metal plate in your brain toward 91.1 fm from 3-5 p.m. on wednesday

  1. Alex’s avatar

    I like the song “On Trees and Birds and Fire” a lot, but if it weren’t for those back-beats, I’d say it sounds a lot like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Mr_VkAXWZA.

  2. thilmes’s avatar

    1) but those back-beats are just so essential. that’s like saying that if you took the jelly out of a PB&J it would taste like a peanut. but a peanut and a PB&J are two very different things.

    2) sufjan has a way whinier/emo voice. this guy sounds more like elvis perkins. dope.

    3) but yeah it’s a fairly minimalist song with a guy singing over a banjo (that was way sassier than i meant it. i love that you’re commenting on our blog. keep ’em comin)

  3. Rainboot (label)’s avatar

    Check out I Am Oak’s previous release, Sou Ka, available from http://www.rainboot.co.uk/iamoak

    Beautiful stuff!

  4. Nathan’s avatar

    tamara, your first point lost me. your second point offended me (is sufjan emo? ouch). but the third has redeemed you, for invoking the greatest instrument of our times.

    i like this blog.

  5. Nathan’s avatar

    why do i have a picture? where did your blog find that?

  6. pcoccoma’s avatar

    Agreed. Quit harassing our gracious audience thilmes.
    Thanks for the comment. I think sufjan and him would sound great together touring.

  7. Alex’s avatar

    Hey, what happened to my comments?


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