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Return of NESCAC Fantasy Football

This is my third year playing NESCAC fantasy football, the past two seasons of which Jeff and I have squared off head to head. Our league format is 2 QB, 4 RB, 6 WR, 2 TE, 2 D/ST, 1 K with 2 Bench spots. We had our draft a week ago, but decided to wait until after the first week to post the results. Below is the order in which we drafted and how our teams performed in Week 1. One thing to keep in mind when looking at the draft is positional limits. For example, I likely would have drafted Billy Sadik-Khan, one of the steals of the draft, earlier, had Jeff not already taken both of his tight ends. If this were even  a four-team league, the draft order would have changed quite significantly. Something to keep in mind when you see kickers being drafted ahead of quarterbacks.

Team Player
Damon Mac Foote
(Middlebury QB)
Jeff Evan Bunker
(Trinity RB)
Jeff LaDarius Drew
(Wesleyan RB)
Damon Ben Crick
(Trinity RB)
Damon James Stannell
(Hamilton RB)
Jeff Zach Donnarumma (Bowdoin RB)
Jeff Brendan Rankowitz (Middlebury WR)
Damon Ryan Curit
(Bates RB)
Damon Adam Scyocurka (Williams RB)
Jeff AJ Jones
(Trinity WR)
Jeff Joe Jensen
(Hamilton WR)
Damon Jake O’Malley
(Amherst WR)
Damon Matt Minno
(Middlebury WR)
Jeff Tyler Jacobs
(Amherst RB)
Jeff Tim Laspada
(Bates QB)
Damon Kevin Davis
(Bates WR)
Damon Jack Cooleen
(Tufts WR)
Jeff Luke Duncklee
(Colby WR)
Jeff Kevin Hughes (Weseleyan TE)
Damon Nick Kenyon
(Tufts TE)
Damon Jay Fabien
(Wesleyan WR)
Jeff Kyle Gibson
(Wesleyan RB)
Jeff Wade McNamara (Amherst WR)
Damon D/ST
Damon Kristian Lapointe (Williams RB)
Jeff Trevor Wheeler (Middlebury WR)
Jeff Mike Budness
(Trinity FB/TE)
Damon Kenny Adinkra
(Amherst RB)
Damon Andrew Duval (Middlebury WR)
Jeff D/ST
Jeff D/ST
Damon Jack Doll
(Tufts QB)
Damon Joe Mallock
(Williams PK)
Jeff Sean Wilson
(Amherst RB)
Jeff Charlie Donahue
(Bates PK)
Damon Billy Sadik-Khan (Middlebury TE)
Damon D/ST
Jeff Justin Ciero
(Colby QB)

Having issued that primer, there were still some significant hits and misses for both of us. A week later, it seems impossible that Luke Duncklee, a player Jeff and I both really like, went with the 18th-pick of the draft. Similarly, allowing Jeff to nab Kyle Gibson at 22 was a huge mistake on my part. And yet I capped it off with an even bigger mistake when I drafted Ryan Silva with the eighth-pick of the draft. He doesn’t show up there because he’s not on the Amherst team (something I had somehow forgotten), so I was allowed to re-pick, but only after Jeff made his selections at 10 and 11, which seemed like a fair punishment. There were some redeeming moments for my draft, including choosing Ryan Curit as my replacement for Silva. Thus far, I’ve also won the game of Middlebury receiver roulette, selecting Minno and Duval vs. Jeff’s Rankowitz-Wheeler combination. Though I hesitate to put words in his mouth, Jeff appears to have gone high-risk, high-reward here, and so far it hasn’t worked particularly well. He also went that route with his pick of Tim Laspada, who drew rave reviews during the offseason, but didn’t see a snap in Bates’ loss to Trinity last week. Though it’s been just one week, here are the best and worst picks for each team:

Damon: Billy Sadik-Khan
Jeff: Justin Ciero/Luke Duncklee

Damon: Ryan Silva/Kevin Davis (taken before Duncklee)
Jeff: Tim Laspada (for now)/Trevor Wheeler (don’t go chasing waterfalls)

So naturally you want to know how our teams stacked up against one another. Using ESPN standard scoring, here are the results, both for individual players and also for our teams:

Jeff Damon
QB Laspada 0 QB Foote 22.6
QB Ciero 17 QB Jack Doll 5
RB Drew 23.9 RB James Stannell 9.1
RB Donnarumma 7.5 RB Ryan Curit 18.4
RB Bunker 31.2 RB Adam Scyocurka 3.3
RB Jacobs 0 RB Ben Crick 5.2
WR Rankowitz 3.9 WR Jake O’Malley 1.5
WR Jensen 3.5 WR Matt Minno 7.2
WR Jones 5.7 WR Kevin Davis 0
WR Duncklee 21.9 WR Jack Cooleen 1.9
WR McNamara 0 WR Jay Fabien 10.4
WR Wheeler 0 WR Andrew Duval 1.3
TE Hughes 1.7 TE Nick Kenyon -0.6
TE Budness 1.9 TE Billy Sadik-Khan 22.6
D/ST Bates 2 D/ST Trinity 8
D/ST Amherst 17 D/ST Middlebury D/ST 15
K Donahue 5 K Joe Mallock 0
142.2 130.9
Bench Gibson 21 Bench Kristian Lapointe 0.7
Bench Warren 1.5 Bench Kenny Adinkra 4.6

While at first glance the score was was pretty close, Jeff won by almost 12 points despite four players on his team registering no points, with just one player doing the same for me, though Nick Kenyon’s negative-point total gets an honorable mention. As you might imagine there was some waiver-wire action after the weekend, which resulted in seven roster moves:

Damon ADD Josh Hurwitz DROP Kristian Lapointe
Jeff ADD Jesse Warren DROP Shaun Wilson
Damon ADD Brian Ragone DROP Kevin Davis
Jeff ADD Greg Payton DROP Zach Weeler
Damon ADD Joey Zelkowtiz DROP Kenny Andrinka
Jeff ADD Kevin Davis DROP Wade McNamara
Jeff ADD Kenny Adinkra DROP Tyler Jacobs

Heading into Week 2, here’s what our respective rosters look like:

Jeff Damon
QB Warren QB Foote
QB Ciero QB Doll
RB Drew RB Stannell
RB Donnarumma RB Curit
RB Bunker RB Scyocurka
RB Gibson RB Crick
WR Rankowitz WR O’Malley
WR Jensen WR Minno
WR Jones WR Hurwitz
WR Duncklee WR Ragone
WR Davis WR Fabien
WR Payton WR Duval
TE Hughes TE Kenyon
TE Budness TE Sadik-Khan
D/ST Bates D/ST Trinity
D/ST Amherst D/ST Middlebury
K Donahue K Mallock
Bench Adrinka Bench Zelkowitz
Bench Laspada Bench Cooleen

Feel free to weigh in on how you think will win a pivotal Week 2 matchup, if you think there are guys who you can’t believe we’ve neglected to add (favorites go to the Tufts backfield of Chance Brady and Zach Trause) or anything else you’d like to add.


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    And thank you for reading and sharing your input! It should be a fun year for the Jumbos.

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