A Pledge to Get the Blog Back on Track!

Okay, so I have disappointed you all by not keeping up my blog…  Now I know this isn’t actually true because I am sure that no one in the world is probably that disappointed about not reading about my life.  Anyway, it is clear that I don’t think people value what I have to say which is why I haven’t been as determined a blogger as I should, but that is going to change.  In order to prove to myself that I can actually maintain a blog (and also to save my grade in Media Tech. and Cultural Change), I am going to get my blog up and running again.  This means that I am going to blog every two days for the rest of the semester (this goal might be a bit ambitious but I’m going for it anyway).  I am hoping that this strict schedule will get me back into the rhythm and my blog will prosper.  So for anyone following my blog closely enough to notice that I haven’t blogged in a few days, feel free to send me pestering annoying calls/texts/emails/messages/comments/tweets anything to keep me on task.  Here goes nothing…


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