Week 9 Day 2 – pick a passage

Is there a passage from the readings that you would like to highlight for class discussion?  If so, please post it here, along with a brief comment on why you think it is important.

One thought on “Week 9 Day 2 – pick a passage

  • April 6, 2022 at 11:23 am

    “The gaze is not reciprocal. As Alice implied, the king may look at anyone but few objects of his gaze may look back. In the Abu Ghraib photos, Americans are the kings while prisoners are stripped and posed so that every part of their bodies is available to handling by their tormenters and inspection by the camera’s eye. But the prisoners are hooded, physically prevented from returning their captors’ gaze; hooding literally makes the prisoners faceless, preventing guards and interrogators from seeing them as people.” (Mary Ann Tetreault, “The Sexual Politics of Abu Ghraib: Hegemony, Spectacle, and the Global War on Terror”)

    I thought this was an interesting claim, especially since I was thinking of the “male gaze”, its recent counterpart, the “female gaze”.

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