One thought on “Week 5 Day 2 Discussion Question 1

  • March 12, 2022 at 7:30 pm

    Anderson defines post-feminism as anticollectivist, anti-protest, and individualistic. Post-feminism assumes that women’s material needs are already met and uses the language of “choice” and” empowerment”, borrowed from previous feminist movements. Post-feminism is self-transformative and second-wave feminism is structurally-transformative.

    Anderson implies that post-feminism is a reversion towards misogyny because it fails to address the intersectionality of gender, race, sex, and income. Post-feminism is a white, heterosexual, and Western kind of feminism, which posits that white women are all women. The material progress that white women have achieved represents the economic progress that all women have achieved through feminism, which is untrue.

    Post-feminism adopts a neoliberalist philosophy in that women, including their bodies, choices, opportunities, and more, are private and not a public responsibility. The language of choice is misused, because choice indicates freedom under post-feminism. Thus, any structural challenges that women face is completely her responsibility. However, systems against women, especially women of color and sexually marginalized women, do not have the same opportunities and choices that white women can make. The playing field for women from varying demographics is uneven and thus, post-feminism is anti-feminist.

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