Mindfulness @ Middlebury

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For questions or information regarding key areas of mindfulness at Middlebury, contact leadership as listed below:

  • Mindfulness at Middlebury Steering Committee
    Tim Spears, Administrator, Middlebury College Vice President of Academic Development
    Michelle McCauley, Co-Chair, Middlebury College Professor of Psychology
    Erin Quinn, Co-Chair, Middlebury College Director of Athletics
  • Contemplative practices and the curriculum
    (Middlebury College Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research)
    Becky Gould, Middlebury College Senior Lecturer in Environmental Studies
    Jim Ralph, Middlebury College Dean of Faculty Development & Research
    and Rehnquist Professor of American History & Culture
  • Mindfulness programs for students outside the classroom (wellness)
    Mark Orten, Middlebury College Dean of Spiritual & Religious Life
    and Director of the Scott Center

    Baishakhi Taylor, Middlebury College Dean of Students and Lecturer in Sociology
  • Programs for staff and faculty (health and wellness)
    Andi Lloyd, Middlebury College Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty
    and Stewart Professor of Biology

    Laura Wilkinson, Middlebury College Senior Nurse Practitioner
    and Integrative Health Coach for Parton Center for Health & Wellness
  • Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (all mindfulness initiatives)
    Julie E. Johnson, MIIS Associate Professor, French Translation & Interpretation
    Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation & Language Education (GSTILE)
    Jen Holguin, MIIS Career & Academic Advisor, Director of Fellowships, Exchanges and Study Abroad
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