My In-Service Day Project: Spring Cleaning of My Reading Routines


As my in-service day project, I’ve decided to re-consider my current approach to keeping track of things that I want to read. My current system is as follows: I discover articles, videos, books, blog posts, and websites that I want to read/watch/explore through many different channels: facebook, twitter, email, following footnotes and citations from things I am reading, checking in on a set of journals and blogs that I track, etc.

When I find something of interest that can’t be read right there and then, I clip it using the Evernote Clipper, which makes a copy available to me (often a simplified copy) for all of my devices.

The result is a great big pile of stuff that is not particularly well-organized or prioritized, not dissimilar to having a desk full of print-outs and magazines. In addition to finding it hard to block out time for reading (which no technology will solve), the way the pile of stuff presents itself makes it a bit daunting to even know where to begin.

Thus I turn to the Internet for advice:

Have you developed what is for you an effective workflow for saving materials that you want to read later? If so, what is it?

What strategies have you developed for blocking out time to actually read?

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