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M Gallery Call for Submissions

M Gallery is accepting submissions

  • Are you an artist?
  • Do you love the arts?
  • Do you dislike art and want to talk to someone about it?

Submissions can range from an idea for an exhibition to your own specific work. M Gallery is here to support you as a student artist in whatever capacity we can. We’ve had students come to us with an idea and then curate it and artists curate their own shows. We feature all forms and media of art whether painting, sculpture, dance, theatre, or something you’ve just invented!

M gallery is also always looking for people to help out in the gallery’s operation. If you are a social media fiend, enjoy painting walls, are a casual blogger, or just like sitting in galleries we’d love to hear from you.

Got more questions? Check out the gallery’s website: http://themgallery.org/, come on by sometime, or send us an email at info@themgallery.org.