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Seniors! We Have Funding Available for Your Senior Research Projects

Undergraduate Research has funding available to seniors to help fund academic senior research projects. If you should need funds beyond what your department can provide, consider applying for a Senior Research Project Supplement award.

Senior Research Project Supplement (SRPS)
Deadline: October 2, 2013
Funding up to $1,500*

Research projects must be for an academic course, and may include theses or independent study. Applications must be submitted on the current SRPS form and the faculty member advising your project must endorse your application.

Visit the Undergraduate Research website go/srps for an application and more detailed information about eligible expenses.

In addition, students looking for support to attend or present at an academic conference, may apply for academic travel funding at go/atf.

Questions? Contact or Undergraduate Research in the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research (CTLR), Davis Family Library 225G or at 443-3026.

Lisa Gates, Associate Dean for Fellowships and Undergraduate Research
Colleen Norden, Administrative Coordinator

*Students with projects needing less than $350 may continue to apply throughout the academic year as funding permits. In 2012-13, ninety students were funded; average awards were $485.

There’s still time for a J-Term Internship…

Still not sure about your J-Term plans? It’s not too late to apply for an internship!

There are a number of great opportunities available, from Middlebury to California, doing everything from translation to strategic planning. Apply to be a development intern for the Fit Kids Foundation, or an English Language Learner Program Assistant in Addison County. What about bioscience at the University of Arizona? Analytics and social media at Beau Ties Ltd. or marketing and communications at Cartoplastic? Urban education, global health – there’s something for everyone.

And you can still apply for credit for your J-Term internship! Head to MOJO to apply before December 14.

Ready to apply for your J-Term internship? Check out MOJO today!

Winter Term Workshop Applications





These non-credit workshops are open to the entire College community during Winter Term.

DEADLINE for workshop proposals is Sunday, October 21ST

 Contact Jessie Jerry in Student Activities if you have any questions. 

Proposal forms can be found at:

 Deadline for submissions is October 21st at midnight 

Call Jessie at x3156 if you have any questions.

Apply for an Environmental Council Grant!

Have an idea for a project related to sustainability?
Apply for an Environmental Council Grant!

Receive $25-$2,500 in funding to support initiatives on or off campus.
Grants available to faculty, staff, and students.
To apply and for more info: go/ec
Applications due Monday, October 29th
Contact Avery McNiff ( with questions.

Fall 2012 Return of Unsold Textbooks

The College Book Store needs to begin the process of returning unsold textbooks to suppliers.

Please purchase any books you need for the remainder of the Fall 2012 term before they become unavailable.

If circumstances compel you to delay a purchase further, please let us know so we can attempt to accommodate your needs.

During the week of Midterm Recess, October 15 – 19, we will be returning all unsold used textbooks.

The following week, October 22 – 26, we will begin  to return new textbooks for classes which use only one main text.

During the week of Halloween, October 29 – Nov 2,  we will start returning all remaining new textbooks.

Applications due Oct. 10th: Middlebury Alternative Break Trips February 2013

Announcing the Middlebury Alternative Break (MAlt) Service Trips for February Break 2013!

This year’s trips will focus on border and immigration issues (El Paso, TX), cultural and environmental awareness (Cherokee Nation), conservation in El Yunque National Forest (Puerto Rico), women’s empowerment (Dominican Republic), and the US prison system (New York).

The application—please read directions carefully!—is due by Wednesday, October 10th at 5:00 pm to Ashley Calkins in Room 210 of the Center for Education in Action (EIA) on the second floor of Adirondack House.

MAlt participant application: Participant application 2013

Fundraisers from now through J-term ensure that those who need financial assistance to fund their trips will be able to participate (you don’t need to be on financial aid from the College to receive MAlt financial assistance). Each participant must pay at least 25% of the cost—but you have until mid-January to do it! All costs below are estimates and will be finalized soon—cost includes transportation, lodging, and food. MAlt is a perfect opportunity to get involved with rewarding and meaningful service work during break as well as a great way to connect to a new community!

Questions? Check out this “Intro to MAlt 2012-2013”, or e-mail MAlt co-chairs Charlotte Zelle ( or Maya Neria (

Trip Descriptions:
Conserving a Tropical Ecosystem Treasure (Puerto Rico): We will focus on environmental conservation efforts in Puerto Rico’s El Yunque Rainforest, a tropical rainforest with a wide diversity of flora and fauna including many species that occur nowhere else in the world. Activities include forest maintenance projects and environmental education projects to support the El Yunque National Forest Service’s efforts to educate the thousands of tourists who visit El Yunque every year. The trip also involves engaging with researchers in the rainforest to learn the effects of climate change and land use in El Yunque.
Trip Leaders: Justin Koatz ‘13 and Maggie Khuu ‘13
Approximate Cost: $500

Examining a Broken Justice System (New York City): To better understand the complexities of the current U.S. retributive justice system, we will visit organizations in New York City related to the pre- and post-incarceration process. Topics will include juvenile sentencing, education, and alternative methods to incarceration. By working with representatives from non-profits, legislatures and juvenile halls, we will examine all steps of the incarceration and re-entry process through a variety of lenses. We hope that through this trip, participants will challenge their preconceived notions about today’s prison system and continue related service work in the future.
Trip Leaders: Lydia Gordon ’15 and Maya Neria ’15
Approximate Cost:$250

Breaking Through Preconceptions (Cherokee Nation): Rediscover history when you visit the land of the Cherokee near the Smokey Blue Mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina. Immerse yourself in their culture and traditions while passing on your own by interacting with the elderly at the Senior Center and tutoring and playing games with youth at the Recreation Center. Learn from members of the community about the issues they face as a nation within a nation and take part in an ongoing effort to maintain the cultural land of the Cherokee “where eagles nest and bears still roam.”
Trip leaders:Mika Tan ’15 and Emily Hoang ’15
Approximate cost: $700

Different Voices, New Perspectives Along Mexico/US Border (El Paso): Students will travel to El Paso, Texas, a city that shares a border with Mexico, living and working at a shelter for undocumented migrants. We will assist in the daily running of the shelter, attend border education workshops, and meet the many faces of migration, from activists and migrants to government and law enforcement officials.
Trip Leaders: Amanda Pertierra ‘13 and Hannah Postel ’13
Approximate cost: $775

Empowering Local Communities (Dominican Republic): We will work with the Mariposa DR Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to empower women through various educational and health programs. The Mariposa DR Foundation is committed to helping children, especially girls, gain access to quality education and to provide to provide girls with a comfortable environment where they can develop a strong sense of self. During this trip, we will help to develop English programs and work on sustainability initiatives in the community.
Trip Leaders: Rana Abdelhamid ‘15 and Lily Ghebrai ‘15
Approximate cost: $875

Seniors: Apply for Senior Work Funding (SPRS)

Welcome back Class of 2013! Many of you have already identified your academic senior work projects and the potential expenses involved. If you should need funding beyond what your department can provide, apply to the Undergraduate Research Office (URO) for the Senior Research Project Supplement (SRPS).

Senior Research Project Supplement (SRPS)
Deadline: October 3, 2012
Funding up to $1,500*

See the URO website for an application, more detailed information and what expenses are eligible. go/srps

*Students with projects needing less than $350 may continue to apply throughout the academic year until funds run out. In 2011-12, the average award was $450.

Student Health insurance

Dear students,

In response to new federal regulations, Middlebury College now requires ALL STUDENTS to either purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan offered by the College or sign a waiver indicating that the student is covered by a comparable U.S.-based plan. Students who do not sign the waiver will be billed for College-sponsored health insurance.

Middlebury requires all students to have health insurance. For many years, the College has offered a Student Health Insurance Plan as an option for those students – typically about 10 percent of the student body – who are not covered by their family’s health insurance or another insurance plan.

With the 2012-13 academic year, new federal rules governing health insurance require that we offer a plan covering a wider range of services, with fewer limits on the covered cost of such things as prescription drugs, treatment for mental health and substance abuse, surgical procedures, and hospital stays. The new plan covers 100 percent of the cost of preventive care, and includes a dental savings plan and a discount vision plan. The plan’s aggregate annual maximum payment limit increases from $50,000 to $100,000.

This mandated expansion of coverage comes at an increased cost. For 2012-13, the annual cost of the Student Health Insurance Plan will be $1,874 per student, while last year’s plan cost $913. It is important for you to know that Middlebury offers this plan to students at our cost. The College does not receive a mark-up or commission.

Beginning with the 2012-13 academic year, all students who do not wish to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan are required to complete a waiver, affirming that they have comparable U.S.-based insurance and that they will not be purchasing the plan offered by the College. Students who do not complete the waiver will be automatically enrolled in and billed for the Middlebury Student Health Insurance Plan. Students enrolled in the plan can expect to see the charge on their College account in late September. Requiring this waiver actually helps us limit the increase in the cost of the plan.

The deadline for completing the waiver is SEPTEMBER 4, 2012. The waiver can be completed online here:

At the website, and on the insert included with this letter, you’ll find additional information about the plan, which is underwritten by Aetna Student Health Insurance Company and managed by Gallagher Koster. Should you have more questions, please call 800.430.0697 to speak with a Gallagher Koster representative.

Shipping packages home

If you plan on shipping packages home at a discounted rate through the college, please read!




Mailing Services in Freeman International Center (Old Cook Dining Hall 2nd floor) will be shipping any or all your packages daily 8:30-3:30pm through Friday, May 25th. 



                        WEIGHT: Up to 70 lbs per package.

                        SIZE: Up to 130 inches in combined length & girth.

                        INSURANCE: Each package is automatically insured for $100.                                                 Additional insurance is available.

                        LIMIT:  10 Packages per person.


1.         USE A CORRUGATED CARTON- Choose one in good rigid                    condition with all the flaps intact.

2.         PACK WITH PLENTY OF CUSHIONING- To prevent the object from moving during transit.

3.         CLOSE THE CARTON SECURELY- Fiber filament tape is                       required.


            *Type or clearly print the address.

*Include the receiver’s full name plus the street and apartment numbers and the zip code.

*If addressing to a Rural Route address, include the telephone number.

*Place the address on the top of the carton only.


            *As a precaution, place a label with the address inside

the carton.


NOTE: Electronic equipment (computers, stereos, radios, speakers, games, etc.) must be in the original carton with the original styrofoam packing.  Suitcases should be in a carton.  Trunks need not be boxed but must be locked.  Do not fill large cartons with books, as they will weigh more than 70 lbs.  There are a limited number of cartons available free of charge at the Recycling Center located down the hill on Route 125.


We can ship International. If you bring in your packages we can let you know what carrier would be most cost effective, (UPS, DHL or USPS).