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Solar Decathlon Spring Construction Kick-Off

Curious about what’s next for Team Middlebury? Eager to finally see our conceptual design come to life? We would like to extend an invitation to you, for our upcoming Spring Construction Kick-Off! Starting at 4:30pm on April 4th at Ridgeline, President Liebowitz and Solar Decathlon team members, Kate Eiseman ’15, Cordelia Newbury 13’, and Laura Romig ’12.5 will speak, then food and refreshments will be served as we enjoy good company, as well as music by student band The Blue Laws (Kento Mizuno ’15, Dustin Lowman ’15, and Danny Nigh ’15). For more information leading up to the event, feel free to “like” our Middlebury Solar Decathlon 2013 Facebook page and check out our website!