Multimedia Jobs at Middlebury College – Get paid to learn digital media!!

Digital Media is looking for students who are interested in learning how to work with digital images, audio, video and animation.

Current openings:

Multimedia Lab Tutor Trainee

This is an introductory position where we teach you the nuts and bolts of digital media development. Learn how to create high quality images, starting with the scanning of slides and photographs, and moving into editing for print and web delivery.  Learn how to capture, edit and render video for DVD and web. Create digital animations with Flash.

Previous experience is not required.  This position is a pre-requisite for the Multimedia Lab Tutor position.


Summer Opportunities:

Multimedia Lab Tutor

Spend your summer creating websites, animations, and digital video. Projects include media collections, course website development, 3d scientific imaging and virtual world development.


For more information, contact Joe Antonioli (, Manager of Web and Interactive Media Technologies in the Davis Family Library, for an interview appointment.