Dorm Supplies!

This year, we have really vamped up our selection of dorm supplies for students.

We have had many suggestions from Students through our suggestion box and surveys that we help supply more dorm needs for students who don’t travel to Burlington or cannot bring much on long flights to get here.  We have always tried to offer as much as we could think of for students.  If we do not have what you need, just ask, we probably didn’t know you needed it.

towelsTowels were up near the top of the list of asked for items. Not many students bring these with them on their long journey and with limited access to stores that supply these items, we have been asked to start carrying them. We now have Bath Towels, Hand Towels, and Washcloths that are affordably priced.

Not all students browse through our store and therefore do not realize we do carry needed items like our area rugs that we now have in a selection of fun themes from solid colors to vivid prints that are reasonably priced.Dorm room  Give your room some personality and color with a new rug or table lamp.

alarm clockWe have so much packed into our store of necessary items from alarm clocks and bath caddies, to hangers and surge protectors.

shower caddyWe also know that some students do not realize exactly how much they need until they arrive here.  Which is why we pack our store with so much.  From desk lamps to light bulbs to Ethernet cables, we try to carry it all!

Clip GooseneckCome in and check it all out…

You may want to bring your parents along if they helped you get here, you can have them help you realize all that you need.

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